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Defiance (MFM)

Planet Alpha

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 31,655
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Because of the rising tide of violence on a dying Earth, Jordan Kuper has lived fourteen years in the Berlin refugee camp, hiding her gender for her own protection. She knows how to fight and to take care of herself and her mother, but she is not prepared for the Xyran raider or human traitor who abduct her.

The Xyran Laith and the human David have a plan of vengeance, and it involves taking a human female to the sex market. They chose Jordan, but she is a hell-cat and doesn’t take kindly to being abducted. She turns their lives upside down attempting to escape, even as they turn her assumptions about them upside down, too.

When they are forced to stop for repairs, Jordan finds a kidnapped Alphan girl, and everything changes. Now she has to get this little girl back to her parents, get herself back to Earth, and not fall in love with the two raiders who kidnapped her in the first place.

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), anal sex

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Any book in this series is an automatic buy for me!! I love them all and this one is no exception!

- rhondavb

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As she slipped between two of the shanty buildings, she saw two men dressed all in black holding an unconscious woman. Rage blanketed her as she realized this must be two of the gang-men come to take and rape a girl. Well, Jordan wasn’t going to allow that to happen. Pulling out her club, she cleared her mind and quickly thought out how to bring down the two assholes.

Could she do this?

Of course she could. Her mother had always taught her to act, despite her fear.

She hurried forward, brought her baton up, and struck the first assailant in the back of the knee. When he went down with a small gasp of pain, Jordan twirled and struck out to hit the second man in the front of his knee. Both men let go of their victim, causing the woman’s body to crumple onto the ground.

“You assholes,” she muttered, mindful to keep her voice down. The last thing she wanted to do was bring attention to more of their friends. “You’re nothing but snakes in the grass, and I can’t believe you’re the guards of this fine establishment.”

As she bent to check the woman, the first man got to his feet. Jordan jumped back and crouched as she brought up her baton. The man brought down his hood, and the first thing that alerted her that she was in serious trouble was the alien features staring back at her.

“Y-you’re not the guard,” she whispered, eyeing his clawed hands.

Quicker than she could blink, the alien rushed at her and flipped her onto her back. Air left her lungs in a whoosh as she struggled to catch her breath, and the alien didn’t help when he grabbed her collar and yanked her face up, constricting her throat.

A forked tongue came out to flick over her skin, and instinct had her knee coming up to strike him between the legs. The alien let go of her with a groan and half fell to the side. Jordan used the opportunity to suck in a much needed lung full of air. She coughed and tried to scramble backward, but the other one, the one who still had his hood up, grabbed her around her arms and hauled her up unceremoniously. He said something in his own language to the first alien, who was still recovering from being hit in his nuts.

Thank God he had nuts.

She struggled, trying to get away, but the alien just tightened his grip, making escape impossible.

“Quit moving, girl,” the alien muttered in her ear, but the creature sounded human. It was so surprising not only to hear that he spoke German to her, but that he also called her girl, that she immediately stopped fighting and looked over her shoulder at him. Well, as best as she could. Much to her surprise, the second alien was actually a human. Then he sprayed something in her face, and darkness instantly descended.

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