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Grace's Final Submission (MFM)

Locks and Chains 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 63,833
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[Ménage and More: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, public exhibition, spanking, sex toys]

After leaving her unhappy marriage, Grace Sinclair starts a path to self-discovery. Days after joining a BDSM club, she finds herself willingly auctioning herself as a slave to be trained. Never in her wildest dreams a year ago would she have imagined herself here, the ball-busting ice queen becoming a submissive slave for six months.

Michael Cooper and Jason Smith have been long-term friends and are sick and tired of searching for their perfect submissive. They decide to purchase a slave to give themselves six months of peace and relaxation, not to mention a slave at their beck and call to satisfy any cravings or desires they may have.

Together the three discover how not only a relationship between three people can be difficult, but throw in a Dom, a switch, and a slave who thinks she is only a sub, and you have a house full of tension, frustration, and fiery passion.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
Great characters, terrific story, and very well written. Highly recommend!

- Sodes16

Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "Grace Sinclair has finally done it. She is free to live her life without being judged by her ex husband. After a difficult childhood and a marriage that just didn’t work, Grace has decided to explore a need that she has left unfulfilled for too long. Always in control of her life, she is tired of being the decision maker and for once wants to let go. Curious as to how she can meet that darker need she is pleasantly surprised to find that there are a number of people with similar interests. When she discovers a local club in her area, she makes the call to investigate further and the Locks and Chains Club may be just what she needs. After researching her tendencies with the owner and learning that she is a true submissive, Grace is intrigued by the idea of a Master/slave relationship. Could she give up everything to let someone else control her life? Jason and Michael are tired of getting the run around with subs that just don’t fit their lifestyle. It is difficult enough for one Dom to find the perfect sub for a permanent relationship, but when you add a second Dom that would also be involved, not every sub is up to the task. Jason and Michael have a bond that is hard to explain. Both straight and both Doms, it is hard for people to understand how they make their relationship work. When Jason tried to convince Michael that a Master/slave relationship would be a better fit for their lifestyle, Michael simply did not agree. But when Michael showed up at Locks and Chains for a preview of potential slaves, he was enthralled by a newbie named Grace. He had to have her and would pay any price if she could belong to him and Jason. This story grabbed my attention from the start and did not let go. Grace is a strong willed woman who has suffered so much in her past and when she finally learns to embrace her desires, Michael and Jason are just the men to help use pain and pleasure to draw out her emotions and show her how to love herself inside and out. The dynamic between the three characters is complex and the need for Grace to please is evident. Add the fact that there is a switch in Dom’s clothing and that proves to make an interesting storyline. What I find even more interesting is Grace’s journey to submission. She is not used to being a sub and is a firecracker to say the least. She pushed her limits and does not trust easily. When that trust is put to the ultimate test, Jason and Michael find themselves in a bigger predicament than they ever thought possible. I will be honest, there were times where I felt like kicking both of them where it counts simply for acting like idiots. They tore my heart out at one point and like Grace, they needed to work to gain my love again. They go to leaps and bounds to show Grace how serious they are about winning her heart which proves to put them in some very uncomfortable (and funny) situations. When they break Grace’s trust and possibly her spirit, she is ready for payback and payback is a bitch! This story made me smile, swoon and melt for the trio as I rooted for them to find happiness together. This was a great BDSM story with a roller coaster of emotions that will keep the pages turning." -- Alyn Love, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

4 STARS: "Grace's Final Submission is a beautiful story of a woman accepting her true nature, overcoming inhibitions and learning to rely on others. The story is written in a thoughtful, introspective manner that connects readers to Grace Sinclair, a new divorcee, who is exploring her interest in BDSM. Submissive at heart, she is often mistaken as a Domme because of her confident air and inherent strength. Just days after Grace joins a BDSM club, she chooses to be auctioned off as a slave and enter into submissive training. A highly likeable character – not stereotypically weak or vulnerable - her strength in the face of such a lifestyle change is remarkable. Readers have to respect a woman who researches the lifestyle to fully understand the commitment she is making. The moments of inner dialogue provide readers an intimate view of Grace as she takes her journey. Bought by Michael Cooper and Jason Smith, life-long friends and business partners who both exude erotic sensuality and an overactive sex drive, Grace finds herself happy. They give her exactly what she needs while she saves them in their search for the perfect submissive. Together they discover just how perfect they are for one another. The elements of the story – particularly in regards to their BDSM lifestyle – are woven into the story in a necessary way so that each scene is essential to the story building. With both humor and sensuality, readers become invested in Grace's relationship with Michael and Jason. As their positions change and they become more in tuned with one another – in the household, office and bedroom, all seems well. Suddenly Grace can see herself with these men permanently, imagining children and marriage. With their contract nearing the end, Michael and Jason want to ask Grace to become their wife… until tragedy hits and the tension in the story ratchets up ten-fold. Readers won't be able to help themselves from becoming frustrated with the men as they botch things up. But the method they employ to make amends is an amazing testament to their love for Grace. The story is a beautiful one that any fan of romance, but particularly those who enjoy BDSM, will enjoy. As is, this author has caught my attention and I'll be looking forward to her next book." -- Rebecca, The Romance Reviews

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Jason rose from his chair and circled the beautiful, panting slave at his feet. He dropped behind the kneeling woman and gently pushed her forward until she was on all fours. Kneeling behind her, he positioned his cock between her pussy lips and thrust hard.

She moaned at finally being filled with human flesh. The friction against her innermost walls and the feel of warm, soft skin made her purr in pleasure as he pumped and thrust hard and fast. “Nice, tight pussy here, slave. You were built for us. Just for us.” Jason rolled his hips a little, and Grace felt the thrill of his cock dragging against her G-spot.

Michael stood in front of her, his eyes fixed on Jason and what he was doing to Grace’s sopping pussy. He held his cock in his closed fist, gently stroking back and forward, pumping and massaging. “Suck on my cock, slave.” He then knelt in front of Grace’s face, and she opened her mouth, swallowing down on his cock. Rubbing her tongue with a fervor against the underside of his cock, savoring the feel of it in her mouth, she had never experienced such a single, focused need in her life. The only function her brain could provide was the knowledge that only these men and their cocks could bring her to the nirvana she craved, wanted, needed.

“Jason, let’s take her together.” Both men pulled out of her body, and she instantly felt empty. She whimpered in distress as Jason lay down on the floor.

“Okay, slave, mount me.” Grace immediately crawled on top of Jason and straddled his hips. With one hand holding his cock, she lowered herself onto his pulsing erection. She then began the long, hard ride to heaven.

She felt herself being pushed from behind until she fell on Jason’s chest. Confused, she tried to focus on Jason’s face. She needed to search his eyes for answers. Before she could focus, she felt Michael’s body against her back and a pressure on her anus. He inserted one finger, then two fingers, scissoring them inside her, stretching her. When he was satisfied, he removed his fingers, positioning his cock at her anus, and slowly pushed through her rings of muscles.

Grace felt burning fullness, but the erotic thoughts of being double penetrated overrode any feelings of pain. Once his cock was fully seated, she heard the male groans all around her. “Baby, your ass is so tight. It feels like it’s strangling my cock,” Michael ground out through clenched teeth.

Jason slowly slid his cock almost out of her tightly clenching pussy and then started a slow thrusting rhythm. Michael matched his rhythm in her ass and timed to enter just as Jason withdrew.

 Michael could feel the ridges and pulsing of Jason’s cock through the thin skin barrier separating Grace’s glorious caverns.

Grace was overwhelmed with sensation. “Please, Masters, fuck me. Fuck me hard and fast. Use your slave,” Grace screamed.

Their control snapped at her pleading, and they began thrusting with a relentless fervor. Minutes, seconds, hours, time lost all meaning for Grace as her body began to burn and throb. As one orgasm hit, her body flew straight toward another. Over and over they pounded her, forcing her to have orgasm after orgasm. The room echoed with screams and groans and a slave chanting, “Fuck me, please fuck me. Use me. I’m your slave.”

Michael pushed a small vibrator between Jason and Grace, positioning it on her clit at the highest speed. Immediately, the most powerful orgasm overtook her, and she felt her muscles clamp hard on both the cocks inside her.

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