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Second Time Love (MF)

Romance on the Go

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 12,335
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After losing her husband of thirty years, Grace, at the age of fifty, thought all she'd ever feel was grief and loneliness. She certainly never thought to feel love again. After being convinced to take the trip of a lifetime, a surprise encounter with Cole has her rethinking her feelings—especially when he ignites a passion unlike anything she's ever experienced. Will Grace allow herself another chance with this second time love?

#olderhero/olderheroine #maturecouple

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“So, you’re attracted to me, are you?” Cole said, breaking the silence.

Grace couldn’t help the laughter that erupted from her. It felt good to laugh. To have this incredibly handsome stranger elicit this comfortable gaiety.

“Well, hey now, don’t crush my ego.” He turned to look at her.

“Ha! I don’t think that’d be possible.” She met his gaze and all teasing vanished.

“Oh, it’s possible,” he softly said. “Grace, I’m of the age where games are ridiculous and a waste of time. But it doesn’t mean I can’t still feel a knot in my stomach that equates to nerves, or a jolt to my system that tells me exactly what I want.”

“And what is it you want, Cole?” she whispered, desperate to hear his answer but scared witless as well.

“To kiss you.”

His words nearly wrung a sob from her as her insides also quivered with nervous anticipation.

“Please do,” she whispered.

Their eyes remained opened as Cole leaned in to gently place his lips on hers. At the moment of contact, Grace’s lids closed and she sighed into his mouth. His kiss was tentative at first before gaining confidence, boldness. He angled his head and took the kiss deeper, bringing his hand to the back of her head. The gesture was possessive yet comforting, and it seemed forever since she’d experienced such innocent intimacy.

His soft demands were … perfect.

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