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Soul Reunion (MMF)

Romance on the Go

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 10,160
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Will and Thomas lost their beloved Anne over four hundred years ago. Now the vampire lovers have a chance to bring her back, by calling her soul home to the world of the living.

Ruby has never known lust like the kind Will and Thomas make her feel, but do they really want her, or just the woman she used to be?Will she join them in eternity? On Halloween night, Ruby must choose between the life she knows and immortal love.

Be Warned: menage sex (MMF), anal sex, m/m sex

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“Oh my God,” Ruby said, suddenly feeling faint. She was delusional, definitely. That was the only explanation she could find for two hot men making out in her kitchen. She’d hit her head too hard and this was a coma-fantasy.

At the sound of her voice, they broke apart and turned to her. She gasped at the sight of the blood smeared on both men’s lips. Thomas looked horrified. The other man looked fierce, as if he might leap on her and devour her. They were a study in contrasts: Thomas fine and fair, his companion dark and rugged. And they were both so achingly familiar. Watching them kiss, she’d felt a sense of recognition so strong it was almost overwhelming. Not to mention potently arousing. If the dark-haired one kept staring at her like that, she’d throw herself at his feet and beg to be taken.

“Who are you?” she asked, leaning against the doorframe for support. Her nipples were tender and alert beneath her gown, her pussy warm and wet, and she had a horrible feeling they both knew somehow. “What do you want with me?”

“Ruby,” Thomas said, wiping his mouth. “This is my companion, Will Farmer. We...” He trailed off, looking to Will for guidance. “How to explain simply?” he asked.

“There is no simple explanation,” Will said. “And I am in no mood for a long explanation.” He strode to Ruby. She gasped when he caught hold of her, pulling her in hard against his chest. He was a huge man, hard as granite—particularly below the belt, she realized with a jolt of raw lust. She felt both safe and wild in his rough embrace.

“Will,” Thomas said. Just one word, but a world of warning in it.

“I will be careful with her,” Will said. “But I can’t wait any longer, Thomas. I've always been the patient one, and I reached my limits a long time ago.”

And before Ruby could protest, or even register what he was doing, he bit into her throat.

Ruby moaned and closed her eyes, sinking into Will’s violent passion. His sharp teeth pierced her skin easily and for a split second she thought he was killing her. But her surprised pain quickly melted into liquid bliss. She felt it pool between her thighs, scorching her body with delicious heat, and she pressed herself harder against him, her hands reaching for that thick shaft pushing at her stomach.

Will pulled back and she whimpered a protest, desperate to have him back. He slashed his fingernail along his throat, opening up a small wound that welled with dark blood. “Drink of me,” he said, “and remember who you—we—are. What we are together.”

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