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Exclusive (MF) by Simone Sinna (Published by: Siren-BookStrand, Inc. )
Categories: Contemporary

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This book is a scorching allure, love triangle story with plenty of testosterone flowing with worldwide auto racing and hot sex. As you whiz through one race after another, your imagination will take you on a page turning and fascinating read to places you might have dreamed of going. Simone Sinna must have done a lot of research to put this book together because I thought it was exceptionally realistic, but then I have never been to a Grand Prix race. She hustled me through fabulous places, giving me a mix of intrigue, mystery, and sex filled pages of pleasure. As a journalist, Stephanie Beauman goes from to country to country as an undercover journalist, her mission of helping the rich and provocative, Jeffrey Carroway to make a documentary becomes a reality. The story puts her in some strange places, typically the bedrooms of several men. While writing about the charming International Grand Prix circuit, Stephanie finds out that prior lover, Gabriel de Romanos is now an owner of the Argentinean team. There is more, too, because Gabriel plays for keeps. His plans are to win both the championship and the girl he wants at any cost. Money is not a problem. He is not stupid when he discovers that the French driver, Jean-Luc is his biggest obstacle his has to winning the woman he wants and the race, too. Jeffrey, having already rejected Stephanie can sometimes be a sweetheart and other times he is a complete ass. I didn’t really like him very much, but Stephanie seems to, so that is good enough for me. It was good that he was intent on keeping an eye on Stephanie as they race toward the glittering climax at the new Texas Circuit of the Americas. Even Stephanie has mixed emotions about him, but then she does with all of her men. Stephanie’s uncovering of a murder and corruption involving both Jeffrey and Gabriel puts her life and the life of Jean-Luc at risk. This little bit of intrigue spices up the bedroom rationality and gives the reader a break from Stephanie’s confusion. She decides toward the end which man she can trust. This is not a spoiler - you will have to sail along with Stephanie to find out how she resolves her emotional journey and how she finds her heart. Warning - she will snare your interest, as you learn about the men in her life and as you follow her footsteps to the doors of true love.

Reviewed by: Donna Cooper (Date: 07/16/2012)
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