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Simone Sinna is the pseudonym of an established nonfiction writer. In her erotic fiction she writes about what she likes to do in her spare time. Travel …Adventure travel. 

Simone likes to push her limits. She has sung in a rock ‘n roll band—briefly, sky-dived—once, belly-danced in Egypt, back-packed to Machu Picchu, eaten strange things in China and scuba-dived around the world.

In the interests of research, she has tried many of the things that her favorite character, journalist Stephanie Beauman, has done. Travel gives her the chance to be someone else, and she takes full advantage of it.

She divides her time between New York, Sydney and Paris—and anywhere else there’s a chance of an interesting encounter.

Q: You write a lot about places all around the world. Have you been to all these places?

A. I have lived in the USA, France and Australia, and travel extensively. I only write about places I’ve been to.


Q: In Embedded, what inspired the Sydney location?

A. I lived in a house right on the water in Sydney for a year. It was a fabulous place. Great weather, waking to views of the harbor bridge each morning, the sounds of the boats as you go to bed at night. I think it has since been demolished.


Q: What’s your favorite scene in Embedded?

A. When she first meets Gabriel. It gives me goose bumps—and sometimes not just goose bumps—every time I think of it. The scene with both Miguel and Gabriel in Argentina, where Gabriel watches her seduce Miguel is a close second. I enjoy how people use their power in sexual encounters.


Q: Do you write in other genres?

A. I am a regular writer of professional articles under a different name.


Q: What led you to writing erotic fiction?

My non-fiction is about an area I am passionate about and want to help bring about change in. But it isn’t fun! Erotic fiction allows me to write from my imagination; I have a lot of fun imagining the various scenarios, to say nothing of doing the practical research...


Q: Practical research? You’re obviously single.

A. Actually no, but my partner is very accommodating. He enjoys the results, on paper and in real life. Quite a lot, actually.


Q: Are you writing anything now?

A. I am following up Embedded with another erotic fiction book, following Stephanie doing some more undercover work in France and Spain traveling with a film crew.


Q: Was it inspired by anything?

A. Yes, I walked the Camino de Santiago in the first half of 2011. It gave me plenty of thinking time! Writing is helping me relive an amazing experience.


Q: Who is your favorite fictional hero?

A. Too hard to pick between Darcy and Rhett Butler, though a bit of Indiana Jones action or Han Solo humor have a lot to recommend them.

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