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Bethany (MFMM) by Ashley Malkin (Published by: Siren-BookStrand, Inc. )
Categories: Contemporary , Menage a Trois/Quatre , Paranormal , Shape-shifter , Older H/h

This reviewer's rating: 5 - Outstanding

I love this series, but I think this is my favorite so far. Bethany is adorable and full of life. She is such a well written character. Her fear and confusion along with her real need to bolt when the truth about who Samson, Jason, and Michael are, is true to life. I love the conflict and the fact that there is no immediate acceptance of, "your my mate so it's instant love," for Bethany. Or for Jason. The inner turmoil each character goes through was very real and I felt it right along with them. I connected to these characters more than the previous two and cheered them on the whole way. I was upset and pissed with Jason for most of the book for his stupidity, but that's the point. Conflict makes for good reading and the conflict in this one had me turning the page, needing to find out more. Ashley created a character that made you want to slap him, but to cheer him on at the same time. And when he finally did get his act together, she gave you his redemption. I loved Michael and Samson from the start. They are both great characters. These big, strong, tough, kick-ass soldiers who melt just from a smile from their mate, made me go "AWE". I love a book that grabs me and makes me go through different emotions and makes me go through everything right along with the characters, and this one definitely did that for me. I found myself holding me breath at the end when these men needed to rescue their mate. I also love when a book doesn't forget about previous characters from other books. It was great seeing characters I loved from the first two and seeing where they are now. This one had love, conflict, danger, adventure, and some really Hot sex. I highly recommend reading this one.

Reviewed by: Maggie Walsh (Date: 01/25/2015)
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