[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, shape-shifters, light bondage, whipping, sex toys, HEA]
When Sebastian Angel moves to Napa to be with his mate Storm Winthrope, he never expects to find his third mate so soon. But their blue-haired fae mate, Noah, is being held captive by an evil master. When Sebastian searches a nearby vineyard for Noah, he senses great evil all around.  The more Sebastian visits the vineyard the more he changes. He starts to see things that aren’t real.
An experience from Storm’s past makes him want things he doesn’t think he should want as leader of his pride. In lying to Sebastian and denying his true desires, he may push Sebastian away for good.
Noah is afraid of being with his mates because of the things he experienced at the hands of his master, but he wants to trust his mates with his heart and body.
Can these three learn to trust each other and give each what the others need? Or are they doomed from the start?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Truth (MMM)
15 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Love the story
virginia lee
Fantastic book. The meeting of Storm and Bass in Truth was electric, and this book adds to that excitement when they meet their mate Noah. Great characters come to life in the wonderful world the author has created. Highly recommend this book. Can't wait for the next one in the series.
Ashley Malkin




“Danger,” Noah said. Both his mate’s looked back at him.

“What danger, Noah?” his raven-haired mate asked.

Noah looked at him. “Name?” Noah asked with a questioning look on his face.

“My name?” his mate asked. Noah nodded his head. “Sebastian, but everyone calls me Bass, except for Storm. He calls me Beauty,” Sebastian said as he blushed. He was so cute. This big man blushing was adorable. Noah liked it. He could see why Storm called him Beauty.

“Like,” Noah said with a smile. Then looked at Storm. “Like, too.”

“Why do you talk like that, little one?” Storm asked gently. Noah took in a quick breath, then looked down, hanging his head.

“Oh no, Noah, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you,” Storm said quickly as he reached a hand forward and it went right through the bars. He pulled his hand back in surprise and looked at Noah in question.

“Astral projection,” Sebastian answered.

“Astral projection?” Storm repeated in confusion.

“Yes,” Noah said.

“That means our incredibly sexy mate is fae. As far as I know, only fae can do it,” Sebastian explained. He smiled at Noah with such tenderness, that it made Noah want to melt into his arms.

“Fae? Well I’ll be. So if you are our mate and you have astral projected yourself to us, where are you?” Storm asked.

Noah’s eyes got very sad and he looked down and wiped a tear from his eye. He shrugged his shoulders. “Captured.”

“What!” both his mates yelled, which caused Noah to jump and look up at them.

“You’re captured? By who? Where are you? We’ll come for you right now.” Storm jumped to his feet.

Noah’s eyes went wide and he grabbed onto the bars tight and started to shake his head frantically. “Danger.”

“We’re in danger?” Sebastian asked calmly, gently.

Noah nodded his head. “Don’t,” he said with pleading eyes.

“Don’t come for you?” Sebastian asked.

Noah nodded again. “Danger,” Noah whispered softly.

“You came here to warn us that we were in danger, didn’t you?” Sebastian asked.

Noah nodded again. “Safe.”

“You want us to stay safe, because if we come after you, to rescue you, we’ll be in danger,” Sebastian said as a statement, not a question.

“Yes,” Noah said softly as he reached out a hand to touch Sebastian’s face, but his hand went through him. He dropped his hand and his eyes got sad again.

“You’re our mate, Noah, of course we have to come find you. We have to rescue you. Even if you weren’t our mate, we couldn’t just ignore that you were in need of help,” Sebastian said.

“Of course not,” Storm said as he knelt back down beside Sebastian. “We can’t just leave you there. Do you have any idea where you are?”

“Dungeon,” Noah answered.

“Dungeon? You’re being kept in a dungeon?” Storm asked.

Noah nodded. “Others.”

“There are other’s held captive, too? How many? Who is holding you?” Sebastian was starting to get upset. He voice began to rise as he spoke.

Noah looked at him tenderly. “Six.”

“There are six of you or six others?” Storm asked.

“Others,” Noah answered.

Storm looked at Sebastian. Then looked back to Noah. “So there are six others. Who is holding you?”

“Vampires,” Noah said and shook at the thought.

“Vampires?” Storm asked.

“Wrong,” Noah said.

“Not vampires?” Storm asked in confusion. Noah sighed in frustration. He hated that he couldn’t talk right in their language. He spoke perfectly in his own language, but he had a lot of trouble with this earthly speech. He spent the first four years of his captivity trying to understand his Master and the guards. He slowly started to understand and learn their speech, but there were still a lot of words he didn’t know.

“I think he means the vampires are wrong. Is there something wrong with the vamps?” Sebastian asked. Noah nodded his head. “Are they rogues?” Again, Noah nodded his head. “Do you know anything else about your location?” Sebastian asked.

“Grapes,” Noah said proudly. He liked grapes. They were so sweet and perfectly packaged in their little skins.

“Grapes?” Storm said in confusion. “Are you near a vineyard?”

Noah tilted his head and looked at his snow-haired mate in confusion.

“You don’t know what that word means, right?” Sebastian asked gently. Noah shook his head.

“It’s a farm where lots of grapes are grown. Are you around a lot of grapes?”

“Yes,” Noah said and then jumped, looking over his shoulder, as his face turned pale. He looked back at them with terror in his eyes. “Back,” Noah said scared.

 “The rogue vamps are back?” Storm asked in a panic, as he reached out to grab Noah, but his hands went through him.

Noah’s eyes got even wider and the fear in his eyes worse. “Master,” he whispered and then disappeared.




Bastian pulled off of Noah’s cock, but continued to saw three fingers into Storm and pushed a fourth into Noah. He didn’t want either of his mates to feel any pain, so he took great care of preparing them. “You’re both so tight. I can’t wait to slide inside both of you,” Bastian’s voice was husky with lust.

“I’m ready, Beauty. Take me, claim me,” Storm said through gritted teeth. Bastian removed his fingers from Storm’s hole, but continued to saw his other hand into Noah. Noah was writhing against Storm, and making the cutest noises.

“Lift our baby up, Storm,” Bastian instructed. Storm grabbed onto Noah’s hips and lifted him off his lap. Bastian wrapped his fingers around Storm’s hard cock and slid his lubed hand up and down his silk wrapped steel. Storm moaned at the sensation. Bastian released his shaft and then grabbed onto Noah’s cheeks, spreading them. “Look at me, Noah,” he said tenderly. Noah opened his eyes and looked at Bastian. “Are you sure, sweetheart?” he asked and Noah gave him a smile that lit up the room. He nodded at Bastian. He smiled back at his little mate and then helped guide Storm’s shaft to Noah’s hole.


* * * *


Storm slowly helped Noah lower onto his cock. He could feel Bastian’s fingers graze his shaft as the outer rings of Noah’s hole relaxed and allowed the head of his cock to slide in. “Oh hell, baby, you’re so tight. You feel so good,” Storm said through gritted teeth.


* * * *


Noah moaned as Storm’s thick cock entered him, stretching his hole. There was a slight sting, but it was quickly replaced by pleasure as Noah slid down onto Storm’s cock, taking him fully into him. Storm wrapped his arms around Noah’s chest and held him tight. Bastian leaned forward and kissed Noah passionately. Bastian pulled back from the kiss and then leaned over Noah’s shoulder and capturing Storm’s lips in a quick kiss. He pulled back and looked into Noah’s pleasure-filled eyes. “Relax and enjoy, baby. Just feel,” Bastian said and then sat back on his heels. Storm started to thrust up into him and Noah moaned in pleasure. His arm went up and back to wrap around Storm’s neck. Noah writhed against Storm as he started to meet Storm thrust for thrust. His eyes went wide and his lust increased as he watched Bastian slick up his own big cock. Noah stated to get nervous. “No baby, this cock is for our other mate. Maybe someday we can explore that thought, but not today,” Bastian said and released his own shaft.

Bastian could see the fear in Noah’s eyes as he thought about having to take both Storm and his large cocks into him at the same time. He also saw that beyond the fear was a want. Noah wanted to feel both his mates inside him at the same time. So did Bastian, some other time. Bastian released his shaft and moved between his mate’s legs. He pressed the tip to Storm’s waiting hole and gave a small forceful push. The tip of his cock entered Storm and Bastian saw stars. He had waited so long to feel Storm wrapped around him and now that he was here, he thought he was going to blow before he even got started. He grabbed onto Storm’s bent knees and thrust forward. Storm’s velvet cave opened for him and gripped his cock. When Bastian was fully inside his mate he stopped moving and relished in the feel of his mate.


* * * *


Storm had died and gone to heaven. He had Noah’s warm wet cavern wrapped around his cock, strangling him. Then Bastian’s hot, hard, thick cock entered him and all sense of self left him. He was right where he was supposed to be, with both his mates as they each gave and received pleasure. Bastian leaned forward and captured Noah’s lips with his and the two of them started to kiss with a fire that seemed to increase. Bastian snapped his hips into him and Storm’s head spun. The feel of Bastian fully inside him was like no other he had ever experienced.


* * * *


Noah couldn’t get close enough to his mates. They were making him feel things he had never felt before. Storm’s cock was giving him unbelievable pleasure. He needed more of his mate inside him. He started to thrust harder onto Storm’s shaft, trying to get more of him. Then Bastian captured his lips and his whole body lit on fire. Bastian’s tongue was devouring him, claiming him. He felt like one with his mates. He knew at this moment he would never be able to live without either of them. They fully owned him and the thought made him very happy. This is what he came to this plane for. Bastian’s hard muscled abs were pressing against the underside of his cock as he drove into Storm. The friction that it caused was delicious. He could feel every curve and ripple as Bastian moved against him. Bastian pulled back from the kiss and Noah whimpered from the loss, but Storm drove harder into him causing him to cry out. “Yes...please…” He wasn’t sure what he was begging for, but he needed it.

“Our baby is about to blow, Storm. Claim him,” Bastian said through gritted teeth. Storm looked into his eyes and nodded. “Together, Beauty. Let’s claim him together.”

Bastian nodded at him and they both moved their lips to Noah’s neck. They each licked a side of his neck and then at the same time they bit into Noah’s tender flesh, claiming what was theirs.

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