[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, shape-shifters, voyeurism, whipping, sex toys, HEA]
When Raith Angel, beta for the Angel Pack, returns home to find his mate standing in his kitchen he can’t believe his luck. But then the ocelot shifter, Dr. Aaron Collins, opens his mouth and all he ends up doing is insulting his mate. Aaron is a genius and he knows it. The arrogant doctor angers Raith and the two clash from the start. As they get to know each other they realize they do have one thing in common.
One night they go to a BDSM club to explore their common interest when they stumble upon a human submissive who is being treated poorly be his Dom. They realize that the cute human is their third mate, Rory Franklin. But Rory’s Dom won’t let him go that easily. When Raith returns home, close to death after confronting the Dom, Rory runs away to keep his mates safe. It is up to Aaron to save Raith, so Raith can save Rory in time. Or will Aaron lose them both?
Note: This book contains double anal penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Trust (MMM)
13 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
A wonderful addiction to the series. The issue that the 3 overcome to be together.
virginia lee




Rory shook his head. “But I owe him. I have to stay with him and do what he says until I pay him back,”

“What do you owe him, baby?” Raith asked.

“I don’t know the exact amount, but it was over a hundred thousand dollars. That was four years ago,” Rory admitted with shame.

“A hundred thousand dollars? If you don’t mind me asking, why did you need so much money?” Aaron asked in shock.

“Tom helped to pay for Roman to go to college. Roman only got a partial scholarship and Tom was helping him pay off the rest. When Roman quit because of me, Tom was out a lot of money. When we got our own place, there were some months that we were a little short on our bills, so Tom lent us money. Then when Roman died, I couldn’t afford the funeral, so Tom paid for it. I couldn’t afford the apartment on my own and I was going to move back with my parents, but then they died too. A month after I lost Roman. So Tom said I could move in with him. He paid for both my parents’ funerals too. He said I could live there and pay off my debts. But that I also had to be his sub now that Roman was gone. He said that Roman always told him that if anything were to happen to him that Tom should take over as my Dom because I would need someone to fulfill my needs and he only trusted Tom. So I became his sub and took over all the chores around the house to pay him back,” Rory spoke in a defeated voice.

“Who was Roman?” Raith asked.

Rory smiled. “He was my boyfriend. We became friends in junior high when Roman and Tom moved to town. Their parents died and Tom was old enough to take care of Roman, so they moved to our town. Then when we were sixteen Roman kissed me and asked me to be his boyfriend. He loved me and I loved him. We went away to college together, but when I had to leave, Roman stayed. Then one day a few weeks later he showed up at my door. He dropped out of college to be with me. We got jobs and an apartment. We were twenty at the time. We lived together for two years until Roman died in a car accident. That was four years ago,” Rory explained.

“So Tom is Roman’s brother? And you’ve been living with him and paying off this debt for four years?” Aaron asked. Rory nodded. Aaron looked at Raith in concern. Raith’s eyes showed his disbelief in this story.


* * * *


It wasn’t that Raith didn’t believe his beautiful doe-eyed mate, it was that he couldn’t believe what his mate had gone through. He couldn’t believe that this sick fuck Tom had done this to him. The only debt Rory may have had was his parents’ funerals, but maybe not even that. If they had life insurance, surely that would have paid for their burials. And now he was holding Rory pretty much against his will, making him his slave in all things, under the fabrication of a debt that wasn’t even Rory’s to pay. This man was a police officer, yet he was keeping someone as a slave and forcing him to pay off a debt. Something was very wrong here. Raith could feel it. They needed to get their mate away from this piece of shit. He looked at Aaron. We need to tell him.

But what if he freaks out and bolts? Then what? Aaron asked back.

It’s a chance we may have to take, sweetheart. We need to get him out of there. We need to protect him, Raith pleaded.

I know, but what if he doesn’t believe us? What if we scare him away. You heard him, he doesn’t have anywhere else to go but that asshole. I couldn’t live with myself if he went back there.

But if we take him back to the pack house how will we explain all the men changing into wolves and a fae Kind and a dragon Lord? We have to explain it to him. Plus your heat has started. You need your mate.

No, you can take care of my heat until he trusts us enough. I can’t ask him to do that.

Okay, sweetheart. But I think we still need to tell him. Raith said.

“Are you two using a mating link? Because you look like you’re having one hell of a discussion,” Rory asked. They both snapped their heads in his direction, their eyes full of fear and confusion. “You said mates. I know your shifters. I just don’t know which kind though.”

“How…?” Aaron asked.

“My mother was a witch. I grew up hearing stories about all the paranormal species. The one that really intrigues me is the vampires. But then again, shifters are pretty cool too. You guys can change into another creature. So which type are you?”

“You are full of surprises. I am a wolf, and Aaron is an ocelot.” Raith chuckled.

Rory’s eyes grew wide. “So cool, a wolf and an ocelot. Wait, if you’re a cat shifter that means you get two mates right?”

Now Aaron was in shock. “That is a secret highly guarded. How did you know that?”

“My mom told me,” he said simply as he shrugged his shoulders.

“So if you know all of this, do you understand then why we are here?” Raith questioned.

Rory looked at him in confusion. “What do you mean?”

“What my mate means is that, yes, I have two mates. Raith is one...and you...are the other,” Aaron explained cautiously.

Rory’s eyes went wide and he swung his head back and forth between the two of them. His mouth dropped open, but nothing came out.




“Okay, baby. I think you’re ready. Aaron, why don’t you lay down and let Rory ride you, sweetheart,” Raith said.

“Great idea,” Aaron said and rolled over to lay flat on the bed. “Come on, cutie, climb up.”

Rory squealed in delight as he sat up and threw a leg over Aaron’s waist, straddling him. He felt the tip of Aaron’s cock against his butt cheek. Raith placed a hand in the center of his back and gently pushed him forward. “Let me slick you up, Aaron. We don’t want to hurt our mate or make him wait any longer,” Raith said from behind him.

“No. I can’t wait another minute to be inside our baby boy.” Aaron moaned as Raith’s slick hand wrapped around his cock, getting him ready to slide inside Rory’s cute body. Raith held Aaron’s shaft with one hand as he grabbed Rory’s hip with the other and guided him back to Aaron’s slick cock. Rory pressed back as he felt the tip of Aaron’s blunt head kiss his hole. He sat back more and Aaron’s tip popped into him past the tight outer ring of muscles. They both moaned as Rory continued to sit back until Aaron was fully seated inside him and Rory was sitting flush against Aaron’s groin. “Yes!” Rory cried out as he threw his head back. Aaron put his hands up under Rory’s arms and grabbed his back, pulling Rory’s chest down to meet his. He grabbed Rory’s head with one hand and brought their lips together in a heated kiss.

Raith loved the sight of his two mates joined together. He ran a hand up Rory’s back soothingly as he lined up his cock with Rory’s already filled hole. Please don’t let me hurt him, Raith thought as he pressed forward. The tip of his shaft slipped inside Rory’s tight hole and the underside of his cock slid against Aaron’s cock. The sensation was delicious. Rory moaned against Aaron’s lips. “Everyone okay?” Raith asked tightly as he tried to control himself from rushing forward and impaling Rory on his cock.

Two moans of ecstasy answered him. He smiled at how his mates were so lost in their pleasure that all thoughts except what was happening to their bodies seemed to have left them. Raith pressed forward slowly. His body shook and a sweat broke out across his brow at the control he was trying to hold. The sensation was too much. His mate’s hole was so tight and Aaron’s slicked up cock sliding against his was sending him to the edge too soon. He clenched his jaw so hard he thought he would break a tooth. Rory released a hiss and Raith thought he would die right there if he had to pull out. He stilled. “Are you okay, baby boy?”

Rory was breathless. The feel of both his mates inside him was too much, too good. Then there was a moment of pain as Raith slid deeper. He hissed at the intrusion and Raith stilled. He heard him ask if he was okay. He couldn’t find his voice. He took a deep breath. “Yes...please...don’t stop,” he said in a strained voice.

Aaron wrapped his arms around Rory and held him tight as Raith pressed forward. All three moaned when Raith hit bottom and slid against Rory’s prostate. Raith stilled at the sensation. He held his breath trying to hold off the orgasm that was threatening to explode too soon. Then he saw stars as Rory squeezed his muscles around the two cocks stretching him.

“Damn, baby boy! If you keep that up I’ll be coming sooner than any of us want,” Raith said through gritted teeth. Raith took in a deep breath and then slide back until just the tip remained inside his mate. Aaron and Rory both moaned at the move. Raith felt like a god. He was pleasing both his mates at the same time. He slowly slid back in and met Aaron’s gaze over Rory’s shoulder. Aaron raised a brow in question and Raith nodded his approval. They both started to pump their hips. As Raith pulled out, Aaron pushed in. Rory held still as they continued their in and out strokes. But the cutest moans, groans, and whimpers came from him. He started to pant faster as their tempo picked up. “Oh...yes...I...oh...so good...so...so...good,” he panted out.

Raith slid his hands under Rory’s arms and grabbed onto his shoulders as he continued to pump into his mate. He pulled down on Rory’s shoulder, causing Rory’s body to slam back on his shaft as he snapped his hips forward. The sensation causing them all to yell out. “Now, Aaron!” Raith said as he leaned his body against Rory’s back. “Now, sweetheart. Let’s claim our mate.” Aaron licked the right side of Rory’s neck as Raith licked the left. Both their teeth extended and they struck simultaneously.

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