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I live in Australia, in an area surrounded by the bush. I wake early and walk for an hour. It gives me time to think about the characters I am writing about and their interactions. I have on occasion been interrupted in my walks by a kangaroosounds like a joke, but they are abundant in the bush around my home.

I have been an avid reader since I was twelve years old. My first series of books were Nancy Drew, and they have left me with an enduring love for mystery and suspense novels. I do love romance, though, so I write what I would love to read, which will always have strong heroes and a happily ever after. What girl doesn't want that? My love of fantasy has let me explore the paranormal genre, and I love the way it lets me escape reality for a little while.

My hope is that people will enjoy reading my books as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

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Q: Why did you decide to write paranormal romance?

A: I love the whole idea of a male, be it shifter or vampire, who sees his chosen mate, and is then forever hers. They may have obstacles to overcome on their journey to be together, but their unwavering love is the appeal for me. They never look at another woman, so will never stray, they accept their mate for who she is, they love her no matter what she looks like and encourage her to be whatever she wants to be. I will admit that a cheating ex-husband may have something to do with the appeal for me. The unconditional love of my second husband was all that stopped my from ending up as a bitter and twisted old lady living alone with her cats.

Q: Do you still read books now that you are writing them?

A: I love to read and am always reading at least four different books at any one time. That way, no matter my mood, I can always pick up a book that suits and enjoy it.

Q: What types of books do you enjoy reading?

A: I love to read paranormal, paranormal romance, romantic suspense, murder mysteries, thrillers, and fantasy.

Q: How often do you write?

A: I write every day, sometimes just a few pages. But I am lucky enough to always find the time to write every day.

Q: Where do you get the inspiration for your books?

A: Some of it is from things I have seen, but mostly it is just all from my imagination. Creating the suspense and romance and giving them their happy ever after is a journey I take with my characters, and I miss them when I have finished the book.

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