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Slave Auction (MM) by Stormy Glenn (Published by: Siren-BookStrand, Inc. )
Categories: Science Fiction, Alternative (M/M, Gay), Futuristic

This reviewer's rating: 3 - Average

(This not a real review more my oppinion about the 2014 version) First thing said: I loved the original version very much and had wished, SG would have written more of this series back then. And because of this I was so excited when the re-publishing was announced, couldn't wait to get the new version... BUT I'm so disappointed with the re-work of Slave Auction :( For me it seemed, that SG was in an everything-must-be-closed-happily phase or something when she re-wrote it. While the original version left more things to explained between the characters, now she tells too much forefront AND also gives too much final conclusion! It was much more mysterious before - more like "I want to read the next book of this series to know the secrets behind". Now it's a one-story thing, finished. I don't really feel the need to get the second book anymore... not with the future posibility SG draws there now It also reminded me too much of another series (with humans kidnapped and enslaved to aliens), the things that made this story unique are now hidden beneath explanations of things that only destroy the "magic". This was such a great story and it could have become an even greater series.

Reviewed by: Tauglanz (Date: 09/28/2014)
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My Everything (MM) by Jorja Kish (Published by: Siren-BookStrand, Inc. )
Categories: Science Fiction, Shape-shifter, Alternative (M/M, Gay), Futuristic

This reviewer's rating: 4 - Good

This story was refreshing, really. I enjoyed reading it, you could nearly feel the emotions running wild. Though the story doesn't seem new - I think the author read many of those shifter books and threw all together to creat her story from this pool. So you might find many similarities to other stories in here. But it's not a copy. While there are shifters, lost princes and mates (and of cause a lots of sex), it doesn't get boring. True, while it seems to be a kind of crime novel, you don't get to know much about what really was/is going on besides the main characters position. A little bit more information about the background would have been nice, but maybe that will come with the next book. This was like in introduction to the world, also more from one point of view - the unknowing first-to-be-found prince. Said prince never experienced any kind of feelings, so this book is - as he - focused on this more than any information. Meaning - much sex scenes and even loving interludes. The sory itself has potential - if the author is willig to give the reader more than in this book, content I mean. There were some points that I didn't really understand and no real explanation was given, or hint. It was a given in this universe, but since so totally different to what we know, it would have made the story more memorable. I DO remember mostly the scenes. For once because about half of the book only is about that and then of cause they are hot and spicy, as well as loving and tender. Really nicely written. Will there be more? There are 4 princes missing, only one found - enough for three more books at least. I'D just wished there would be more story info as well, but without cutting down the scenes ^_- You look for something to read without being heavy or tristed, but hot, sticy and a little action? Here you found it :D

Reviewed by: Tauglanz (Date: 10/15/2013)
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Honor Bound (MM) by Stormy Glenn (Published by: Siren-BookStrand, Inc. )
Categories: Fantasy, Historical, Alternative (M/M, Gay)

This reviewer's rating: 5 - Outstanding

I really loved reading this book. I do like Stormy's style in general, but this book has just the right the touch of reality and fantasy in it, that makes it even more enjoyable. And who doesn't love honor bound strong warriors, romantic love blossom and overcome the seemly impossible fight against even gods? True it starts with the stereotype of M/M relationship here - the big, strong warrior and the more delicate partner, but Stormy's version of a "smaller" partner is not weak at all and the relationship is definitely on the romantic side. Radulfr reacted really good to Ein - being a warrior and a Jarl, he needs to be reasonable and cool headed normally, but this time I'd think everyone would have had a fit of some kind. He didn't. He rather fast adapted. Must have been Ein's beauty to stun him - I so really can imagine that :D I also really loved the way Radulfr was introduced to his new status. As a Reader I was as clueless as him to what really happened, and that made it even more interesting to read. The scenes afterwards where Ein being the protector for this time, were so sweet. (Since I'm a big fan of shifters, I liked that idea as well. Now I only wonder if Radulfr will be able to shift completely at will as well.) And of cause what would such a story be without a set of troublemakers? I understand they are needed, though I wasn't that convinced about the reasoning. I could understand Fafnir wanting to have more power, though how he might have gotten to have it... how stupid must he be to think he, a mere mortal, can bargain with gods? This wasn't really believable for me, as was the reaction of Radulfr's father when he came back with Ein. I didn't have the feeling that the father was shocked about the two obvious things: the male betrothed or the Berserker status. No, I got the feeling he just wanted Radulfr to be gone. There was no feeling between them, if it wasn't mentioned I wouldn't have guessed they are father and son. But this might have been like that to that time, however the friends had no problem showing those to each other. The main story in this book is about Radulfr and Ein - about the story around, that hopefully will continue through the series, isn't told that much. There are some pieces, might be interpret it as liked but the gods are - as typical always - very cryptic about it. So here I was left guessing. As well as the "ending" of this book - I got the feeling, something is missing. Yes, they DID arrive at the Stronghold but that was it? No problem taking it over even though it is already occupied? Can't be that easy. I really wonder, if this will be part of the second book, or if Stormy thinks it's not worth writing about it. All in all this I'd say this is one of her best books - since it is not only 2 guys meet and fall into bed err love. Well it is, but I really liked the mythology part, which seems nicely adapted to the story. I hope to read more of this series and wouldn't mind more story details. True the sex scenes have to be there, that's a big part why we all read it, but I think this series has potential.

Reviewed by: Tauglanz (Date: 06/26/2013)
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