Honor Bound (MM)

Viking Lore 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 47,245
126 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Historical Fantasy Romance, M/M, gods, shape-shifters]

Jarl Radulfr is a warrior, the chieftain of his people. It is his duty to protect and fight for them. But duty comes at a price. Radulfr has no one to call his own. When his clan is attacked, he accepts a bride in a peace-pledge to avoid war with a neighboring clan. He doesn't know until he arrives that the bride he has come to claim is a man.

His betrothed is not what he expected, but Radulfr has sworn upon his honor to accept the peace-pledge. It doesn't hurt that Ein is pretty damn cute. Radulfr decides to accept things as they are and begins to take Ein home. But there are those that don't want them to reach home—gods, mercenaries, and the man who started the war in the first place. Radulfr and Ein will have to use all of their wits, and the growing bond between them, to keep themselves alive because gifts from the gods come at a price.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Honor Bound (MM)
126 Ratings (4.6)

Honor Bound (MM)

Viking Lore 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 47,245
126 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I absolutely loved this one. I have been fascinated with Berserkers and demi gods for as long as I could remember. To find it in one Stormy Glenn novel thrills me to no end. I was instantly captivated with Ein's character and swooned over Radulfr. one thing I didn't like is the threesome pairing among the berserkers. I feel they all deserve one partner as threesome's leave one to be left out.
Really enjoyed this book, and totally loved the Nordic Mythology in regards to the Gods and the Berserkers. The Primary and Secondary characters were great just as endearing as usual with a Stormy Glenn book (I do absolutely love this author's books). However the reason I gave this book a 4 instead of 5 for outstanding was that the ending was abit abrubt it would have been nice to actually see them enter their new home and to see their welcome from the current occupants after such a long journey it felt abit anti-climatic. Was also greatly disappointed in the baby not being born during the book it just seems that Ein's and Radulfr's story was cut short way to soon. I realise that there are sequels to this book to come, however they will be I assume more focused on the relationship that will be developed in that story which of course is the way it should be. It just seemed that after so much focus being put on the pregnancy that it would of felt more happy ever after for the story to have ended with the birth of the baby. All in all though still a great story and I will definitely be buying the sequel.
Professional Reviews

5 FALLEN ANGELS: "Jarl Radulfr, chieftain of his clan, is demanding recompense for the unwarranted attack and death of his clan members by Jarl Dagr's son Fafnir. Jarl Dagr comes forward begging for his son's life and offering a different solution. Jarl proposes a peace-pledge. He offers his wife's child, Ein, as Radulfr's wife to bind their clans together and to pay reprimands instead of Radulfr paying the bride price. Radulfr demands that Fafnir pay the money, which will take care of his clan for years to come. They agree and soon Radulfr soon leaves to get his bride. Ein was sent to the Hov, a religious commune, when he was a few days old. One day his Gandfaoir, grandfather, arrives to inform him that men are coming to take him away because he has been betrothed to Jarl Radulfr. This shocks Ein because he didn't know if marriage between two menwas allowed. Ein's grandfaoir is not only a god, but he has the sight and instructs Ein that he has important things to do in the future but not to tell Radulfr about his Elvin heritage. Ein complies and when Radulfr arrives he is initially angered about the lie, but the two agree to accept the hansal, or marriage, for the clan's benefit, but the attraction between them simmers. Radulfr introduces Ein to Vanirr and Haakon who are his best friends and loyal guardians. Ein quickly wins them over, much to Radulfr's surprise. Even with everything going along great, Ein and Radulfr have yet to deal with the clan's reaction of Ein's sex, Fafnir's reaction to the agreement, and how Radulfr will react to Ein's heritage. I absolutely love this story and can't wait to see what is next in store for Ein and Radulfr. Radulfr's anger over the attack by Fafnir is understandable, but his willingness to accept an alternative to killing Fafnir showed how he put the clan's needs ahead of his desire for revenge. I was fascinated by Ein's link to the gods and how they played a big part in his life. I was awestruck how his grandfaoir always arrived before he was in danger to help keep him and Radulfr safe. The paranormal abilities shown by many of the characters in the story added surprise and wonder for the reader. It was sad how most Radulfr's clan turned on him, refusing to leave with them when he told them of the upcoming danger when they were swayed by Radulfr's father's prejudice. The love between Ein and Radulfr was inspiring as their belief in each other overcame many of the obstacles in their way. I will be waiting for the next book in the Viking Lore series." -- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

bestpnr2011.png4 STARS: "Vikings, and Gods and Berserkers, OH MY!!! HONOR BOUND is the first book in Ms. Glenn's new Viking Lore series, and she works her magic on Vikings just like she does on cowboys. There is a lot of world building and she states in the beginning that she took a lot of poetic license with the mythology but it made for a unique, exciting story. Radulfr is the Jarl, or leader of his clan and he is seeking restitution for an unprovoked attack against his clan. He wants the life of the man that led the attack, however Fafnir is the only son of the clan leader and Jarl Dagr begs for mercy and offers his only other child in a peace-pledge betrothal. After some negotiations, Radulfr agrees to the betrothal. Radulfr is surprised when he goes to claim his "bride" to find out he is a man. Ein's mother was married to Jarl Dagr when she has an affair and Ein is the result of that affair. Sent away at birth, Ein is surprised to find he has been promised in a peace-pledge to another man as his bride. Having secrets of his own, Ein is worried about leaving the only home he has ever known, but upon meeting Radulfr he is pleased to find that he is a man of honor, not to mention drop dead gorgeous. Both men agree to accept the peace-pledge and honor the betrothal, but just because they do doesn't mean that everyone else will be as accepting. And when the Gods get involved, all bets are off! What a great start to a new series. The world building while slow at the start is needed to establish a foundation for the tale that she is creating. The Norse vocabulary that is sprinkled intermittently throughout however is frustrating. Radulfr is the perfect Alpha male, he is strong and protective and isn't afraid to show his mate how much he loves him. Ein, while not as physically strong as Radulfr, is just as protective. I thought I was going to be bothered by the fact that the consummation has to be witnessed by six other people but the way that it is written didn't detract from the connection between the lovers. There is so much happening in this book that you find yourself flying through the pages and then WHAM! Can you say cliffhanger? Curse you Ms. Glenn for not having the second book written so I can find out what happens next. If you are looking for a new and creative twist to the legends that we grew up with Honor Bound is that book." -- Tyra, The Romance Reviews

4 CHERRIES: "This is a tale that takes place in a time long since passed. A time of Viking lords, the existence of mythical gods, and shape shifters. This is a story that will take readers on a trip into the past and it was a journey I enjoyed going on through the pages of Honor Bound. With every great love story comes an undesirable conflict that throws a wrench into the plans of the main characters, and this is true for Radulfr and Ein. Radulfr is a fierce Viking warrior who, in return for the attack on his clansmen and village, accepts a marriage between him and the attacker's half sibling in an attempt to created peace between the feuding clans. Ein is a quiet, peaceful man just happy to live his secluded life amongst the priest who have raised him. For Radulfr deception has never been so good and for Ein the chance at a normal life never looked so attractive. This coupling was built on a house of lies but instead of crumbling at the first sign of trouble both Ein and Radulfr set the foundation for a loving marriage between two men. Both of these men have not had easy lives to live. Radulfr lost his mother at a young age and had to deal with an abusive father. Ein's mother was murdered after his birth and his father is the god of fertility who ignores him. They have a lot in common when it comes to loss and heartache and together they can help mend each-others broken hearts. While under attack from the enemy, Radulfr discovers something new about himself that is a surprise I never saw coming. But Radulfr isn't the only one with a surprise that pops up out of the blue. Ein's surprise both shocked and had me overwhelmed with joy for the heroes. This story kept me intrigued with everything that was going on to and around these men. When danger hits, Radulfr full fills his duty as husband and leader and moves heaven and earth to keep what he holds dear safe. The characters' dialogue was entertaining. It reads as it would have been spoken ages ago when Vikings ruled the land. Though a little confusing at times, Ms. Glenn made sure to give little explanations to the different usage of words throughout the story. Ms. Glenn wrote a beautiful story of how a person can find love when they least expect it. Ein and Radulfr are a couple I found myself rooting for them to get their happy ending and I look forward to reading about where their relationship goes after this story ends. Seeds were planted for future characters, which is always a plus and I look forward to reading more from the Viking Lore series. This story has it all: death, violence, deception, mythical gods, shifters and ghost. If you like historical romances that stretch the realm of imagination Honor Bound is a must read." -- Coreopsis, Whipped Cream Reviews

4 NYMPHS: "Honor Bound is the first release in Stormy Glenn's newest series, Viking Lore, and since Vikings are so infrequently the subject in an M/M storyline, the blurb for this one intrigued me. Then I read the story and discovered the author had woven in Gods, legends, berserkers and even ghosts and I was hooked. Take it from me, there are more than enough twists and turns within this well plotted and paced story to keep a reader's interest until the abrupt ending, which I expect gets carried over into the next release. Radulfr and Ein are polar opposites…not only in size but the way they were raised, abilities, outlook…almost everything. Yet, each in their own way, is honorable, strong and protective, wanting to do the right thing. Some might say Ein was too girly but being raised in a fairly closed religious community didn't exactly make him into a warrior. So I wasn't surprised by his meekness but his ability to change and adapt under the duress of their trip home showed that Ein would be a good mate to Radulfr. Now I need to say a little about the numerous Norse words included. Most are readily obvious like the word faðir for father, but there are others such as warg that I hadn't have a reference to, making them a little confusing initially. It might have been better to have included a short glossary for those readers in need of assistance. I look forward to the next release in this new and interesting series." -- Dragon Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews

4 CUPS: "The life of a warrior is often brutal, but Radulfr of Vejle would live no other way. As the leader of his people it is up to him to keep everyone safe, but that has never meant more than it does now. He has spent his entire life in a sanctuary separate and secure from the outside world, but it is time for Ein to take his place in the world. He has always dreamed of being part a real family, and yet he could have hardly dared to dream of having gained such fortune. The bride that Radulfr has peace-pledged to accept is nothing like what he expected, but more than he could have dreamed of. First off Ein is a man, and the most beautiful he has ever seen, but best of all Ein is everything Radulfr could ever want in a mate. They eagerly enter into their joining, but havoc is about to rain down on them. Neither Radulfr nor Ein are ordinary men, and the gods have their eye on the union these two have entered into. The men in Stormy Glenn's novels are by far some of the sexiest you will come across in M/M romance, but this story is by far my favorite. Ein and Radulfr are totally fascinating with their elfin and shape-shifting abilities, and yet their feelings for each other are what really draw you to them. This is only book one, and I am already hooked. There is so much yet to be discovered with these sexy Viking men that I cannot wait to see what is next." -- Lototy, Coffee Time Romance

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He grabbed Ein’s ass again and spread his cheeks. Ein moaned, and his head fell back on his shoulders. Radulfr stroked his finger over Ein’s puckered hole, and Ein’s cries grew louder—yet another reason he wanted to be in front of the group. Ein was not a quiet lover, a fact that drove Radulfr to distraction every single time the man opened his mouth.

“Do you like that, kisa?”

Every time Radulfr ran his finger across Ein’s entrance, he pushed in a little until he could wiggle an entire finger into the tight hole. Ein groaned and pushed back. Radulfr smiled. His kisa loved to be played with, to be penetrated. He was the perfect mate.

“Gonna ride you hard today, kisa,” Radulfr said as he slid another finger into Ein’s ass. “Gonna ride you until you beg me to come.”

“Now?” Ein’s smoky gray-silver eyes were glazed over when he tilted his head up to look at Radulfr. “Take me now?”

“One more finger, kisa,” Radulfr said. He would never take Ein until he was prepared, no matter how much he was aching. Radulfr brought his legs up a little and braced them against the side of the horse, lifting Ein’s body up. “Get me ready, Ein.”

Radulfr almost groaned when Ein’s fumbling fingers brushed against his cock. He ached. He throbbed. He was about to explode just from those little touches. Radulfr could feel Ein untie his pants then pull the edges apart.

Just as Ein’s fingers wrapped around his hard length, Radulfr sank a third finger into his lover’s ass. Ein whimpered and started bouncing, impaling himself over and over again on Radulfr’s fingers. At the same time, his hands stroked and caressed Radulfr, driving him to distraction.

“Time to turn around, kisa.”

Ein cried out in protest when Radulfr pulled his fingers free. Radulfr understood his urgency. He felt it himself. He doubted he would make it more than a few seconds once he got his cock deep inside Ein’s tight ass. The man was made to be fucked, and fucked often.

Radulfr had every intention of doing just that. He picked Ein up and swung him around until he faced forward once again. Radulfr pushed Ein down until he lay against the horse then lifted his ass up.

He couldn’t help but pause for a moment when he spotted Ein’s pink hole twinkling up at him. He rubbed his thumb over it, groaning when the little bud quivered as if begging to be filled.

“So perfect, kisa,” he whispered in awe. He pushed his thumb in past the tight ring of muscles. Ein’s ass seemed to suck him right in. “Look at how you take me.”

Radulfr delighted in the full-body shiver that raced through Ein when he blew over the little hole. Ein was so damn responsive, too. Radulfr always knew if Ein was enjoying himself or not, either from word or body response. Ein hid nothing from him.

“Radulfr, please.”

“Begging so soon, kisa?” Radulfr chuckled.

He knew how Ein felt. He was aching to be deep inside that quivering hole. Radulfr quickly transferred some of the lubing oil from his hand to his cock, getting himself nice and slicked up. Once he was ready to go, he pulled Ein back until the head of his cock rested against Ein’s tight entrance.

“Take me, kisa. Take all of me.”

Ein slowly moved back, sitting up as he did. Radulfr watched his cock sink into Ein’s ass until Ein’s body blocked his view. Once Ein rested back against him, Radulfr wrapped his arms around the man and grabbed his cock.

His hand was still slick and slid easily over Ein’s engorged cock. Radulfr was so far inside of Ein’s ass that his balls rested against Ein’s. Radulfr used his other hand to grab them both, gently massaging them between his fingers.

Ein’s body began to shudder. Hs head fell back against Radulfr’s collarbone. His hands gripped Radulfr’s arms until his nails dug in. These were all sure signs that Ein was close to erupting.

“Ready, kisa?” Radulfr whispered into Ein’s ear. “I promised I was going to ride you hard, so hang on.”

Ein’s cry filled the air as Radulfr nudged his horse into a small lope. It was exquisite. Every move the horse made caused Ein to bounce up and down on Radulfr, driving his cock in and out of Ein’s ass at a fast pace.

“Faster!” Ein shouted.

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