Jorja had to start a new phase in her life when her job of fourteen years came to a sudden end. The familiar was gone and the vastness of the unknown stretched to the horizon. So what did quirky Jorja do? She made a pot of coffee and decided enough was enough. It was time to take that leap of faith and do what she was meant to do, be an author.

Since she could hold a pencil in her hand, Jorja had too many stories in her head to keep count. But she knew one thing was for sure, she had to share each and every one of them with anyone who was willing to listen. Sometimes her wild ideas and strange worlds produced funny faces from her family and friends, but Jorja didn’t care. She found her passion, storytelling.

With a leap of faith, courage to fuel her resolve and the support of her family, Jorja finally settled into her personal paradise. She submitted her first novel, My Everything (The Lycan Princes) to Siren-Bookstrand and started her journey as a published author. The long hours of writing hot sexy love scenes that were most enjoyable to create, to tender moments between lovers that made her tear up was well worth any aches and pains caused by being hunched over a keyboard.

Today, Jorja anchors her butt on a squeaky office chair, occasionally staring out her French doors to the acre of land she calls her backyard, armed with a mug of steaming hot coffee and the occasional chunk of chocolate, she plunges into the world of her characters and fills her computer screen with the next love story. Living the life she was meant to embrace, Jorja is forever grateful for the sudden opportunity she grabbed with both hands. Dreams do come true, there is such a thing called true love and everyone deserves their happily ever after.

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Q: Did anyone influence you into writing?

A: I had many stories in my head when I was younger and I just told them to family and friends. My Granny however, was the first person to urge me to write them down. And I did. It wasn’t until I saw my words on paper did I realize that I loved what I saw. The story was real, not just whispered during sleepovers or enacted in front of sister and best friend. My Granny helped me start the journey way back then.

Q: How do you come up with your concepts for your stories?

A: I daydream a lot. Sometimes I wake up after a great dream and jot some ideas down. And there have been times when I see something that might be a bit unusual and it’ll spark my what if factor. So basically, everything I see, hear, even smell has the potential of being created into a novel.

Q: What quote would best describe who you are and why?

A: Hmmm, good question. Okay this quote might seem strange coming from a movie but here it is. “Get away from her you bitch!” – Aliens. This is what Ripley yells out to the alien queen. This quote embodied a powerful and pissed off woman ready to go to war to protect those she cares and loves. I’m an easy-going person, but try to harm the people I love and watch out! I’d go Ripley all over you, Alien Queen!

Q: Did you always want to write erotic romances or is this a recent development?

A: Yes, I started out writing mainstream romances when I was younger, but I always felt something was lacking. It was the heat factor. Mainstream romances were hot but I needed super hot and naughty. It wasn’t until years later after reading tons of erotica that I found erotic romances. Hurray for the Internet, I finally found what I was searching for and now I’m a very happy woman.

Q: Describe your ideal man.

A: My ideal man is really someone who makes me feel like I am beautiful when I’m sickly green from a cold. Or that I have the wittiest comebacks, even though I sound like a dork. And when I strip naked for him, I outshine every Victoria Secret model with my lush curves and soft belly. Yeah, my ideal man has to try and understand my quirkiness and accept my strange ways. Oh, I wouldn’t mind if he was a hottie too!

Q: Where would you travel in the world if money wasn’t an issue and why?

A: I wouldn’t mind traveling to Tokyo. I’m a big anime geek and I’d love to check out that ginormous Gundam that they had a few years back. The culture is unique with the mixture of high tech and tradition. And I love Sashimi with Wasabi sauce.

Q: Why type of alcoholic drink would you be and why?

A: I’d definitely be a girly cocktail, like a mango daiquiri. Something sweet and pretty to look at, but kicks you in the butt after a few glasses. Hmmm, sort of like me!

Q: What is the hardest part of writing an erotic romance?

A: The dialogue, the dialogue, the dialogue, this is where I my self-doubts creep in. The pressure I feel to make certain what my characters say and how they say it is spot on. I sometimes obsess over it until I just turn off the computer and let it go. Ninety-nine percent of the time, I’m right, but that one percent is a butt kicker.

Q: For one month, you could only have one movie to watch, one pair of shoes to wear, and one beverage to drink. What would they be and why?

A: Okay, Aliens would be the movie of the month, why because Ripley rocks and she’s my hero. The pair of shoes should have been my Doc Martens, but I decided I needed more comfort than awesome style and choose my imitation Crocs. I write a lot, and I’m a bit of a comfort hound so Crocs are necessary in my world. Also, I hate tying up laces unless it’s for my cherry red Docs. And the one beverage would be A&W root beer. I love the creamy taste with just a hint of carbonation.

Q: If you could be a superhero, what type of super power would you have and why?

A: I would like to have the power of my favourite X-Men superhero, Rogue. She has invulnerability and can fly. She’s tough as nails, strong, flies, and wears the coolest outfits.

Q: What’s your favourite Holiday and why?

A: Halloween is my favourite Holiday, if it counts as one. I love to dress up in some sort of crazy outfit and not get strange looks from the neighbourhood. I once dressed up as a Garden Hoe. It was an amazing costume!

Q: What is a typical day for you?

A: I’m up usually between 7-7:15 am and stumble out of bed after bashing my snooze button since 6:30ish. I make coffee and boot up the computer. I take a quick glance at my emails on my cell phone, because I have dial up. After I finish my first coffee, I pour a second and work on the emails on the computer for an hour. I get my niece ready for school and by 8:50 am, I’m out the door walking her to school. When I get home around 9:30 am, it’s all about the writing.

I surface after a few hours to eat then set my alarm for 3 pm. I work either writing or editing until the alarm goes off and get ready to pick her up from school. After she’s had a snack and playing in her room or watching cartoons I’m back at work until my sister comes home. Supper is prepared, I eat maybe for the second time, could be the first and I shut off the computer and stop for the day. By 8 pm I’m watching TV, or a movie and in bed by 10 pm reading until I fall asleep.

Q: Which literary character would you most enjoy meeting if it were possible and why?

A: It most definitely would be Belgarath from David Eddings’s Pawn of Prophecy. I love his vagabond ways that hide a powerful and dangerous wizard. He’s roguish, yet he is serious when it comes to backing people up and protecting them from harm.

Q: What is your favourite season?

A: It would have to be summer. I love the heat, yes, even the humidity. Give me sunshine and hot days with a mango daiquiri and I’m in heaven.

Q: What advice would you give to budding authors?

A: Love what you do and use that passion to give you the courage to take that leap of faith and go for it. No one’s going to work as hard as you are when you write your book and don’t let any one tell you that writing is a hobby. Writing is a career. Search for groups that share your love of writing and become a friend on these sites, not a drive by promo person. Friendships built will open more doors than flashes of promos. And most of all you will make mistakes and feel fear and uncertainty. We all do every one of us writers. Acknowledge it, embrace it, learn from it and then move on. And for those less than flattering reviews, not everyone will like your book and that’s okay. Someone will and that’s even better.

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