[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Sci-Fi Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Cage fighter by necessity, Squeak dodges the henchmen sent by his boss. He hides out at The Crossroad Bar and manages to have hot dirty sex with a stranger. Unfortunately, something inside of Squeak is unleashed when bitten on the shoulder.  Terrified with the excruciating pain, Squeak flees into the night oblivious to the mating bite.
Commander Tynan Rhys is tired and wants to return to the Lycan Home world. The Crossroad Bar is the last stop on his mission, and he fears it’s another wild goose chase.  A neon green cap catches his eye, and he soon finds himself with a little imp that makes his blood burn with lust. Due for a quick hookup, Tynan seduces the gorgeous man, but when his canines drop with the uncontrollable urge to bite, all thoughts of his mission are lost.
Tynan realises too late that he claimed one of the missing Lycan princes, and now faces a death sentence.
A Siren Erotic Romance
My Everything (MM)
14 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
This story was refreshing, really. I enjoyed reading it, you could nearly feel the emotions running wild.

Though the story doesn't seem new - I think the author read many of those shifter books and threw all together to creat her story from this pool. So you might find many similarities to other stories in here. But it's not a copy. While there are shifters, lost princes and mates (and of cause a lots of sex), it doesn't get boring.

True, while it seems to be a kind of crime novel, you don't get to know much about what really was/is going on besides the main characters position. A little bit more information about the background would have been nice, but maybe that will come with the next book. This was like in introduction to the world, also more from one point of view - the unknowing first-to-be-found prince.
Said prince never experienced any kind of feelings, so this book is - as he - focused on this more than any information. Meaning - much sex scenes and even loving interludes.

The sory itself has potential - if the author is willig to give the reader more than in this book, content I mean. There were some points that I didn't really understand and no real explanation was given, or hint. It was a given in this universe, but since so totally different to what we know, it would have made the story more memorable. I DO remember mostly the scenes. For once because about half of the book only is about that and then of cause they are hot and spicy, as well as loving and tender. Really nicely written.

Will there be more? There are 4 princes missing, only one found - enough for three more books at least. I'D just wished there would be more story info as well, but without cutting down the scenes ^_-

You look for something to read without being heavy or tristed, but hot, sticy and a little action? Here you found it :D




There was no doubt about it that his little heart was going to burst from his chest.

“Holy fucking shit, he is gorgeous,” gasped Squeak, barely listening to the man sitting next to him when he said something.

He nodded a few times, but his entire being was focussed on the stranger that sat in the corner of the bar. Without caution, and being entirely rude, Squeak pushed away from the bar, leaving the man midsentence. He took a step toward the gorgeous stranger and soon found himself standing in front of the empty chair across from the Adonis. Biting his lip, he blinked with surprise and glanced back over his shoulder toward the crowded bar. Frowning slightly, he shrugged his shoulders before turning back, still nibbling his lower lip.

He braved a quick glance at the giant man who sat leaning against the wall. Eyes of the most stunning lavender hue stared back at him. The gaze was clear, sharp, and filled with undisguised lust. Squeak’s eyes popped wider.

“Hi,” Squeak blurted out, immediately blushing from the squeak in his voice and the raised eyebrow of the stunning man sitting before him. “Aw crap, I sound so stupid.” Squeak blushed further.

He tore his eyes away and was about to turn when the sexiest, deepest, and most lust-worthy growl sent shivers down his body. He gasped from the strange sensation in his body and quickly slipped into the vacant chair when his legs felt like they were about to give out.

“By all means sit with me, little one.” The stranger smirked and nodded at the chair that was suddenly occupied.

Squeak felt like his face was on fire and his gut was doing crazy flip-flops. He didn’t know if he was going puke all over the guy or climb on his lap and rub his little body all over the stranger.

“Oh, crap, what is wrong with me,” he muttered under his breath. He was about to stand and leave when a heavily callused hand pressed into his and held his smaller hand with a firm yet gentle grip.

“Nothing is wrong with you, little one,” the stranger purred. “I am Tynan, and you are?”

Squeak stared at the massive hand that swallowed his smaller and far more delicate hand. The pressure of the man’s hand sent chills down his back and he shivered from something he couldn’t identify. Pulling his wide eyes away, he raised his long lashes to peek through them and look at the gorgeous creature called Tynan. Fuck, even the name was sexy as hell.

“People call me Squeak, you know,” he motioned toward his slight stature. “I’m kind of small like a mouse.”

Tynan nodded, keeping his hand firmly against the delicate bones of Squeak’s soft fingers. He leaned slightly closer and felt his body shiver from the sudden ache in his breeches. His cock hardened and pressed against the snug material. But it was the alluring scent that wrapped itself around his body that had him growling from deep within his chest.

He watched as the little man’s eyes popped even wider, but the waifish man didn’t pull away from his touch.

“Man, that’s so cool. How did you make that sound? I mean you’re obviously not a Terran from your ginormous size and I’ve never heard a growl like that come out of one either. And call me crazy, but that was so sexy. I mean you growled like a wild animal would and—oh crap I didn’t mean you were a wild animal, I just mean it sounded really cool and sexy and I really need to shut the hell up.” Squeak moaned as he rubbed his face with his free hand. He tugged away from the firm grip.

“Don’t,” Tynan murmured, gliding his thumb over the back of Squeak’s hand, “your skin is so soft and your hand is so small and fragile. You smell delicious to me.”

Tynan pulled Squeak’s hand across the table toward his hungry body, raised the hand to his lips, and placed a soft kiss on the fingertips. His eyes flared with heat and his belly clenched from the ambrosia of the small taste of the little man. The taste of sweet citrus and mint mingled on his lips.

“You are exquisite, my little mouse,” he whispered, taking another gentle kiss on the slightly quivering fingers.

“Uh huh.” Squeak nodded as he leaned forward, practically draped over the small round table. “But I’m not a mouse, I’m a man.”

Tynan smiled against the hand that was held to his mouth and winked.

“That you definitely are, Squeak. And I have the need to get to know you much better if you would allow me such a pleasure.”

Without a word, Squeak scrambled from the table and climbed on top of Tynan’s massive thighs and straddled the gorgeous man.




He burrowed his face into the crook of Tynan’s smooth, muscled neck and inhaled the spicy musk of his scent. Squeak shuddered before a soft moan fell from his parted lips.

“Goddess, you smell so good.” He moaned before trailing his pink tongue across the bronzed skin. “And you taste even better, Tynan.”

The deep rumble from Tynan’s chest vibrated against Squeak, forcing another wanton moan from his mouth. The taller man shuddered and squeezed Squeak tighter against his body that was made for fucking. His eyes blurry with lust and his heart pounding, he was barely aware of the restroom door being shoved open and his body slamming against the white tiled wall.

A brief glance around the empty room was all Squeak could spare before he smashed his eager lips against the heaven of Tynan’s mouth. The man’s masterful tongue glided deep inside his hot wet passage, coaxing his tongue to swipe and tangle with the pleasure of Tynan’s skilled touch.

Squeak tore away his mouth from Tynan’s, gulping in air when he rubbed his forehead against the man’s massive chest. Every cell in his body was swollen, much like his cock, with lust so deep and primal, his body shivered with heady ache and undisclosed fear. This new sensation, the needs and lusts that were rampant throughout his entire being, terrified Squeak, but they weren’t enough to stop Tynan from fucking him against the closest wall.

“Tynan,” Squeak mumbled against the man’s chest, biting his lip from the moans that begged to escape his lips. Tynan’s strong, powerful hands roamed down his back and crushed his palms against his pert, rounded ass. His fingers massaged the tight muscles grinding Squeak’s cock against his ripped washboard abs, sending more pretty pants from Squeak’s parted lips.

“You feel like heaven, baby. I have to be inside your hot little body.” Tynan growled, nipping the soft skin under Squeak’s ear, before nibbling down and across his smooth throat to his other ear. A gentle tug on Squeak’s lobe followed with soft lapping of the decadent sting left Squeak whimpering.

“Yes, yes, Tynan, I can’t wait. Please, I need to feel you inside my ass like I need air. Now, Tynan, I need you now.”

The sexy growl was all Squeak heard before his soon-to-be giant lover strode across the tiled restroom toward the farthest stall. He kicked open the metal door and slammed it shut. Squeak watched with fascination as Tynan slid the metal lock until it clicked closed. The soft nick of metal snapped Squeak from the red haze of lust when he pulled his eyes from the lock and slowly trailed his heated gaze up Tynan’s torso to his intense lavender eyes.

The unbridled heat that poured from the man’s eyes and the strength of his hands on his body was more than Squeak ever hoped for in a lover. He couldn’t stop the shiver that trailed through his body or the insistent pulse of his covered cock that ached to be set free and glide against the rock-hard body that made him want to swoon with need.

Never in his twenty-five years did Squeak feel what was coursing through his body. He never felt the ache and quiver of his tight little hole that spasmed with each heated look and skilful touch of his only lover. His body melted into the gorgeous man, craving something that forever eluded him until this moment.

They stared into each other’s eyes, lost in the moment. Lust and desire filled Tynan’s beautiful eyes, mirroring the growing desire of Squeak’s innocent lust as it built with each gentle touch that Tynan gave to the exquisite little body that beckoned his insurmountable sexual appetite.

“I have you now, my little mouse. And I am going to have your gorgeous ass wrapped around my cock.” Tynan groaned before he crushed his lips against Squeak’s mouth and plunged his tongue inside the heat that was made just for him.

Tynan’s massive hands squashed Squeak closer to his larger body. It was like he needed to be close to the smaller man, like he needed him to breathe. His cock jerked and ached to be inside the tight, hot hole that begged him to be filled. The mere thought of Squeak’s body submitting to his strength, being filled to the brink with his cock, sent shivers down his back.

Large hands grabbed Squeak’s silken tendrils of hair, crushing the mass in his fist. The neon flop cap fell to the floor when Squeak’s hair was yanked back, exposing his slender neck. Tynan saw the wild thumping of his pulse and he licked at the fluttering artery before sucking on the soft skin. He left a reddish bruise against the golden skin, causing him to growl at his mark.

Without a word or breaking eye contact from the slanted gaze filled with lust, Tynan reached one hand between their bodies, growling from the slight space he made and quickly unbuttoned Squeak’s jeans. His fingers trailed down the silky skin devoid of hair before lightly tracing the moist tip of the mushroom head that peeped from the top of the waistband of Squeak’s boxer briefs.

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