Lindsay Townsend

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     Lindsay has been writing stories since she was six years old. History and the past have always intrigued her, and writing stories about heroes and heroines overcoming massive problems and finding love as they do so is a wonderful way to earn a living!
     Lindsay is married and lives in England in the beautiful county of Yorkshire. When she's not writing or researching about the past, she enjoys reading, walking, swimming and cooking. A member of her local writers' group, she teaches creative writing at her local college.


Q: What is your writing day like?

A: I wake at 7.00 a.m. and write in the morning until 12 noon. Some afternoons I teach creative writing for adult learners at my local college and call on my elderly mother daily to check she is OK. I try to keep mornings clear for writing, when I find I'm at my most fresh, but it doesn't always happen that way!

Q: Why do you like writing historicals?

A: Because of the scope it gives me to include high stakes, life-and-death adventure. I love having my heroes and heroines rescue each other and historicals give me lots of chances to indulge that passion. For example, dangerous wild boar don't roam in large part of Britain now, but they did in the past.

Q: What about your heroes? Are they alpha males?

A: They're very much alpha men who are caring and protective. I don't consider brutish behavior to be sexy.

Q: And your heroines?

A: Tough but tender and active, since I'm a bit of a tom-boy. I suppose there's an element of wish-fulfillment for me when I write both my heroines and my heroes.

Q: What part of your writing do you enjoy the most?

A: Creating characters, writing love scenes, scenes of sexual tension, scenes of adventure. Putting my characters in conflict and danger, bringing them through it so they have not only survived but grown. Finally, I love writing happy endings!

Q: What part of your writing do you enjoy the least?

A: Spell-checking!

Q: What kinds of books do you enjoy reading?

A. I love reading all genres. I love to lose myself within the world of a book.

Q. What do you consider romantic?

A. Giving - especially flowers or trees. Last year, I gave my husband a plum tree on his birthday and he gave me an apple tree on mine. The blossoms on both are glorious and renew every year, reminding us of our love.

Q. What do you consider sexy?

A. Read my books and find out!

Thank you for your time and for reading!

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