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Remembrance and Gratitude Book 2: A Selection of Poems and Writings
Remembrance and Gratitude Book 2 is another collection of poems and writings by Charles F. Meek paying tribute to our military veterans as well as many community-minded individuals and organizations of Terrace, MORE...
Mrs. Queen's Chump: Idi Amin, the Mau Mau, Communists, and Other Silly Follies of the British Empire - A Military Memoir
Mrs. Queen’s Chump is the military memoir of a young man who, naively acquiescing to a period of “adventure” after leaving boarding school, soon found himself enmeshed in the agonies of subjugated peoples caugh MORE...
B-52 Nose Art
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Danny Causey parked his vehicle at the end of a row of B-52s, put on his sunglasses and pulled on his cap to shield his eyes from the relentless Arizona sun. He walked down endless rows of aircraft, the only so MORE...