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Becoming Kiana
Kiana learns the value of humanity in a world ruled by technology. Kiana Thomas knows there are things that the government doesn’t believe the general public should be aware of, but the avatar for her MORE...
Storyteller Hit
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Since Jasarah arrived in Denver, her life has taken her to places she never imagined were within her reach. Now she lives under the alias Shadow with her true love, Ghost. He brings out the best in her, includi MORE...
Elephants Never Forgotten
A hundred years in the future, twelve-year-old Nigella receives a shipment from her deceased grandfather. Her inheritance is a herd of micro-elephants. While a lot of her friends have micro-pets, Nigella is at MORE...
All About Earthlings: The Irreverent Musings of an Extraterrestrial Envoy
Aldous Huxley wrote: "If most of us remain ignorant of ourselves, it is because self-knowledge is painful and we prefer the pleasures of illusion." One might infer from this remark that seeing ourselves as othe MORE...
Leaving Blue 5.1 Part 3
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The starship Exp 2 is on an uncharted course, its crew desperate to find one that will help them return to their home world, Blue 5.1.
Robot Prototype FIve
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A dying man’s brain is placed inside a robotic body. After the operation, he cannot see, speak coherently or walk.
Portal 2212 Part 3
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Darius and his friends, occupants aboard an alien space ship, one these cloned humans landed on when they were infants, are headed for Iomin, the Wiisd’s home world.
Portal 2212 Part 2
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Darius and his friends, occupants aboard an alien space ship one these cloned humans landed on when they were infants, are headed for an unknown destination.
Other Worlds, Other Universes
In “Decision,” Adam Cavanaugh wants to become a published writer and a spaceman. Who is the man who tells him otherwise? In “The Door,” Tyler Jones Grant is determined to open it. When he manages to do so the MORE...
The Forager
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It’s been thirty years since the economy collapsed, and all Dillon has ever known is a world without electricity or medicine, living in a community constantly under the threat of starvation as they struggle to MORE...
Riga Runaround
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On Hilo, hard case, deadly, off-world criminals are preying on the elderly. After his best friend’s niece is killed, Galactic P.I. Majestic Kane is asked to find the killers, help the old folks stand up to the MORE...
Tevi's Dilemma
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In life, there are no certainties, but extinction is forever and when nature points its wrinkled finger at the oldest species in the universe, nature learns the Oredals are able to fight back.
Barely Human
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Now you see her. Now you don't. Recently promoted, Jessie is struggling to get into the groove of things alongside her edgy and more experienced partner. Lately she’s found it increasingly difficult to hide a MORE...
Portal 2212
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Darius and his friends, occupants aboard an alien space ship, one these cloned humans landed on when they were infants, is headed for an unknown destination.
Magic Is Faster Than Light
Megan Bradley and the rest of the witches were rounded up by a religious crusade and forced onto a spaceship for a 190-year multi-generation trip to another star. They soon discovered the ship had problems and MORE...
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Michael Brin, a homicide detective who has recently been transferred to mpStation-4, a remote space station, is sent to investigate a new murder. According to his partner, Jensen, who is already at the scene of MORE...
Beckoning Eternity
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The inhabitants of Guardon, a planet singular in its religious devotion, believe their God to be merciful and loving, eager to usher them into an eternal world of heavenly bliss. With the literalness of this b MORE...
Artefact War
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Shortly after the Great Disaster, the Viro priesthood began to preach that our Earth Mother holds intrinsic values that cannot be compared to human desires, that machines brought the Earth Mother to the brink o MORE...
Waiting Weapon
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Archaeologist Richard Pinn returns to the ruins of an alien city to find out why its vanished race had abandoned him and his female Me'Aukin counterpart. For three hundred years, he and Jamie Brinwall had been MORE...