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Please email your newest submissions to:
[email protected]

In the Subject line, type:
SUBMISSION: Title of Book (total computer word count)
Submission without the proper Subject line may end up in the Spam folder!


Partner combinations

  • Menage (heroine with 2 or more heroes, any theme, any genre).

  • Male/male (2 or more heroes, any theme, any genre).

  • Male/female only if including BDSM with any other theme or genre. 


Word count requirements

  • Minimum: 20,000 words.

  • Maximum word count for consideration of all works, including M/F with BDSM, is no more than 85,000 words, unless pre-approved by publisher.

  • For current Siren authors, the maximum word count for all male/female stories with no BDSM is no more than 45,000 words for sequels in existing series. Contact publisher for approval if sequel may be over 45,000 words.


Royalty percentage

40% of download price for e-book sold at website
50% of publisher's royalties received from distributors
6% of cover price for print books


Royalty payments

Quarterly. Paid 30 days after the end of each quarter (January 1 to March 31 paid on April 30th, April 1 to June 30 paid on July 30th, etc.).


What to submit

Please attach your COMPLETE manuscript as ONE document either in WORD or RTF format.



(FOR ALL AUTHORS: new authors, current authors, and Siren-exclusive authors)

Include the following in the body of your email (please do not send the information below as an attachment):


(1) your book's title (required)

(2) series name (only if it's a part of a series; otherwise, put "None")

(3) main character sexual partnering (required - for example: MF for male/female, MM for male/male, MFM for male-female-male where the men are not sexually involved with each other, MMF for male-male-female where the men are sexually involved with each other, MFMM where there is an alpha hero, FMMMM where all the heroes are equal, and so on)

(4) the genre (required - for example: BDSM, sci-fi, vampires, contemporary small town, and so on)

(5) total computer word count of the finished manuscript (required)

(6) your legal name (required for publication agreement)

(7) your writing name or pseudonym (required - no collaboration with another author on the same book will be considered)

(8) other names you have written under in the same genres (required)

(9) your current email address (required from all authors with each submission)

(10) your country (required - for example: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, etc.)

(11) optionally, your current phone number where we can reach you (specify day or evening)

(12) Indicate (a) This manuscript is original new work that has never been published OR (b) This manuscript was previously published or self-published, either in whole or in part, for sale or for free. Must disclose manuscript history for us to consider your manuscript. (required)

(13) In no more than 300 words, give a detailed but concise synopsis starting with a hook, an overview of the plot, information on your major characters, the major conflict and resolution, and the ending that cannot be a will-they-or-won't-they cliff-hanger. (required)

(14) State the age of characters involved in any sex scene during the story who is UNDER 20 years old. (required only if younger than 20)

(15) Indicate whether your ending is (a) A permanent happily forever after for all the main romantic characters who were sexually involved with each other during the story, OR (b) A happy for now for all or some of the main romantic characters who were sexually involved with each other during the story, OR (c) A happy for now for the main characters, where their relationship will lose a current sexual partner, or will gain new sexual partners in future books. (required)

(16) Attachment of complete manuscript in a .DOC or .RTF format. It must be an attachment. It cannot be a link to somewhere else that we have to go to download. Without an attachment, your email will likely be directed into the spam folder by our email filter system. (required)



Please label the attached file as follows:

LAST NAME - Story Title - Total Manuscript Computer Word Count



Include in your Subject field: Submission: Story Title (total computer word count). To bypass the Spam filter, remember to start off the Subject field with the word Submission.


Where to submit  

[email protected]