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Publisher Application Open


Please send an inquiry to [email protected]. Put "Publisher Application" in the Subject line. In the body of the email, specify the following:

Publishers Only:
  • An active top-level domain name (cannot be an author's name).
  • A link to the submission page with specified guidelines (must be at the top-level domain and not a free domain).
  • The number of authors under contract (minimum of 5 different individuals).
  • The number of total published titles (minimum 10).



Content Restrictions

  • No pedophilia in any size, shape, or form.

  • No scene allowed using explicit adult language depicting sexual act or sexual intercourse with a minor in an erotic romance or erotic fiction.
         - Acceptable: Young adult or coming-of-age mainstream romance or fiction with no explicit sex scenes or adult language.

  • No snuff.

  • No scat play.

The additional restrictions below are based on what BookStrand will sell on our site to best serve our targeted audience.

  • No just-sex, hard-core erotica or porn.
         - Sex sells, and erotic romance with a lot of hot sex scenes will sell even better. However, it can't just be sex scenes. There must be a plot, character development, and/or romance driving the story.

  • The cover cannot "zoom in" on a spread crotch or a bare butt crack and cannot expose any part of the penis, the vagina, or the female bare nipples. Sexually oriented covers must convey romance instead of just porn.

  • Due to the explicit sexual content, the cover cannot depict the hero or heroine partially shifted with a snout instead of a mouth, paws and claws instead of hands and feet, or a fish tail attached to a human body.
         - Acceptable: wings on angels, fangs on vampires, humanoid aliens, and the like. Also acceptable if book is general fiction and non-erotic, such as myths and fables with no sex scenes.

  • No part of the title, the series name, or the first 100 words in the blurb/story description can contain words such as fuck, pussy/vagina, cunt/cunny, cock, penis, anus/anal/ass/asshole, cum, ejaculate, pee (as in urine), lactate (as in breastfeeding), shit, smut (as in porn), or any combination of words that references sexual acts to the crotch area, such as blow him, rim him, suck him, and the like.
         - Acceptable: These words can appear AFTER the first 100 words of the blurb and anywhere in the excerpt and inside the book.

  • No "barely legal theme," where the premise of the story is mainly about sexual acts with an 18 year old who is referred to frequently as "still a teenager," "still innocent as a child," "still in high school, left unsupervised," and the like. No high school setting is allowed if book has adult sexual language. Although this is legal fiction, it usually comes with a way over-the-top cover and/or misleading title or series name, giving the impression of underage sex.

  • No "pseudo incest theme," where the premise of the story is mainly about sexual acts between "family" members who are not blood-related, with emphasis or constant focus on "Daddy" or "Mommy" having sex with a "son" or a "daughter," or a sibling having sex with a "brother" or a "sister." Although this is legal fiction, it usually comes with a way over-the-top cover and/or misleading title or series name (such as Daddy's Little Girl or Sex with My Little Sister), giving the impression of incestuous sex.

  • No incest, where blood-related parents or siblings have sexual intercourse with each other (no genitalia/mouth, and no vaginal or anal penetration of each other).

  • No current or flashback scene detailing rape of a victim in explicit detail for the purpose of sexual titillation.
         - Acceptable: Role playing among consensual adults, "rape" fantasies, forced seduction or dubious consent with implicit or stated consent before intercourse, and the like.

  • No bestiality, where humans have sex with any naturally occurring animal, such as a family dog, a pet goat, and the like.
         - Acceptable: Humans having sex with sentient or self-aware beings such as were-shifters, human-monsters, human-beasts, mythological gods, humanoid aliens, and the like, in a paranormal, fantasy or sci-fi.

  • No necrophilia, where humans have sex with non-animated corpses/cadavers.
         - Acceptable: Humans having sex with sentient beings or the "undead" such as vampires, zombies, ghosts, and the like, in a paranormal, fantasy or sci-fi.



  1. So that our customers know what they are buying, tag your books to indicate all adult themes. Also include sexual orientation and/or partner combination if it's not an M/F.

  2. Blurb of all titles must be about the story. Blurb cannot contain promotion or endorsement of other websites, bestseller status on other websites, number of books sold for an author at other websites, irrelevant messages that have nothing to do with the story, etc. BookStrand will remove self-endorsed, promotional text not applicable to the story.

  3. Put a note at the end of your blurb to let your reader know if a book has been released previously, either as a revised edition or was published by another publisher.

  4. No publisher can guarantee a reader's satisfaction of any sort for any title. BookStrand will not provide customer service to honor this guarantee. We will remove text not applicable to the title.

  5. Publisher members must offer at least 10 books for sale at BookStrand. Free books cannot exceed 25% of uploaded inventory. If an account has no active titles for 60 days, it will be deactivated permanently.

  6. BookStrand reserves the right to deactivate a title or suspend an account without notice at any time for any reason.





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