Loving Thy Neighbor (MF)
by Carol McKenzie
The Railroad Baroness (MFM)
The Lost Collection
by Jayne Douglas
Mikayla (MFMMM)
Orchidea: Love on the Bayou
by Dixie Lynn Dwyer
Intimate Illusions (MFM)
The Callens
by Melody Snow Monroe
Strong Craving (LoveXtreme)
The Strong Cowboys of Wilde, Nevada
by Chloe Lang
Bray's Bounty (MM)
Wolf Haven
by Stormy Glenn
Cougar Needs (MF)
by Cooper McKenzie
Dangerous Proposition (MF)
The Pinnacles of Power
by Jessica Lauryn
Torn Between Two Lovers (MFM)
The Haunt of the Wolves
by Jennifer Denys
Taming Icarus (MFF)
The Spectrum
by Angelique Voisen
Beacon Hill Beauties (MF)
by Denise Hereford
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