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The Evolutionary Imperative: Why Change Happens, Where It Leads, and How We Might Survive

Charles H. M. Beck, Louis Neal Irwin (Published by: CCB Publishing)

Formats: pdf - epub

The Evolutionary Imperative provides a unifying perspective on the evolution of the universe in all its physical and biological detail, with a call to action for redirecting the evolutionary trajectory of human MORE...

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1984 in the 21st Century

Lori Perkins (Published by: Riverdale Avenue)

Formats: epub - mobi

1984 is a classic novel whose relevance continues to confront us every day. Some people thought it was a book about the future of the past. The future is now. After the election of Donald Trump and his a MORE...

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Autism Epidemic: Shaking the System

Litsa Kamateros, Lea Schizas (Published by: MuseitUp Publishing)

Formats: pdf - html - prc - epub

An inspirational book with personal stories and helpful information, not only for families affected by autism but as an autism awareness platform to sensitize the general public and offer them an insight as to MORE...

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