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A. Mistory is passionate about life: consciousness, intelligence, curiosity, creativity, how we came to be as we are in general, our ability to be introspective, our insight, compassion, the depths our love can reach, and the lustful passionate love we can achieve. We are much more than most of us ever think we are. All of the characters are written as if real, and their stories as if they truly happened; the characters are imbued with a zest for life, love, passion and especially its awakening in us with such a lustful force. Life really is stranger than fiction, and has so many faces. These stories find those places, and hopefully make them real for the reader. The characters are written as if the characters would love to have others see them if they were writing the story. Getting lost in the characters is not unusual, as is staying awake at night, or even waking up thinking about and feeling them as if being told what to write, and how.

An avid reader - when there is time - indulging in novels, particularly those by Linda Howard and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, are a delight. A favorite novel is Becoming Bobbie by R. J. Stevens. In writing about love, it is no surprise that the the actual letters of the continuing love of Heloise for her lover/ex lover, Abelard, is considered the finest love story ever written. When reading them, they bring ripples of sensations through the body with chills and shivers that seize the mind and make one captive to them. The unheard of honest, and openly lustful sexuality that defied the times is enthralling. Those letters are felt to be better by far, and more erotic to the mind, and therefore the senses, than any novelist ever wrote.

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