A Sapphic Convert

New Dawning International Bookfair

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 8,500
0 Ratings (0.0)

After a series of jobs that fall through, top model, Kelsey Deveroux, is about to be evicted. Out of desperation, she considers making a porn lesbian film even though she's straight. Sexually experimenting with fellow another top model Cheryl Chablis, Kelsey is flummoxed to find out that maybe she's not as straight as she thought.

A Sapphic Convert
0 Ratings (0.0)

A Sapphic Convert

New Dawning International Bookfair

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 8,500
0 Ratings (0.0)
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"Hi Cheryl, my name is Kelsy Deveroux. You don't know me but—"

Her pretty, cheerful, soprano voice warmed me. "Hi Kelsey, I know who you are, all right. You are one of Missy's most glamorous models. I've long wanted to meet you. What can I do for you?"

"I was thinking of signing a short term contract with Gurls Luv Gurls and Missy told me you have done some work for them." "Need money huh?"

I smiled. "How did you—"

"Simple. That's why I did it. Why else would a classy girl like you venture into the dark side of entertainment?

I frowned. "Is that what it is? The dark side?"

She snickered. "To some it is. Not to me. To me it's the bright side. The fun side, but I'm an outgoing extrovert. You seem to be shy. An introvert. Am I wrong?"

"I guess not, I'm fairly reserved."

"You must be desperate to think of doing porn."

I sighed. "Yes, I'm desperate. If I don't come up with a load of money I'll soon be homeless."

"Okay, sorry. I didn’t mean to pry. Am I wrong or are you straight."

A flash of heat coursed through me. Did I just blush? "Yes, I'm straight."

"Thought so. Since you're straight why wouldn't you go to one of the hundred or so straight porn studios in the LA area who would give a gorgeous woman like you a fabulous deal?"

My mind compared the dirty degrading aspects of straight porn with the almost sister like, respectful character of lesbian films. "I don't know. It seems less dirty, less degrading than straight porn."

She laughed. "Sorry, but some women, a majority of women probably, would say that sex between two women is the dirtiest thing they could think of."

Thinking of some of my up tight friends, I smiled. "Yes, that's probably true."

"But glamorous, straight-sex lady Kelsey Deveroux, thinks sex between women is not as dirty as what she normally does."

I snickered. "On camera. Don't forget the camera, that's important."

She giggled. "You know what I think?"


"That you are not as straight as you think. That you are not the solid one hundred percent straight woman you think you are."

I fidgeted in my seat. "You really think that?"

"Yes, it's not all that unusual you know. Most of us aren't black—solid gay or white—solid straight, but a shade of gray. Tell me Kelsey, have you ever been intimate with a woman."

I didn't know when it started, but talking about sex with Cheryl seemed to affect my libido. "If you mean sexually intimate, no, never."

"Have you ever been in a room with a naked woman?"

I flashed through my memory. "Yes, several times."


"In college. In the girls locker room and shower. Also in saunas and steam showers in spas and of course in the changing area of fashion shows. Why do you ask?"

She snickered. "If you're planning on jumping into the pool, don't you think you should test the water first? Did you find any of these women attractive?"

I thought about it and suddenly realized. "Yes, some, but that didn't mean I wanted to have sex with them."

"These naked women you found attractive and were in a room with, did you ever accidently touch or brush against one of them?"

"No, not that I…" A flash of heat coursed through me. "Wait, one of them brushed against me."

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