Angel Marks

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Angel Marks writes love stories about alpha males and the women they love.

She can be found spending time with her family and dreaming up new stories while enjoying the crackle of a campfire or typing away to the beat of a rainstorm.

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Q: Why write erotic romance?

A: I imagine this is not a genre everyone would feel comfortable writing or even reading, but for me, it’s natural and honestly quite fun to write!

Q: What is a typical writing day like for you?

A: Well, I have an incredibly full life, and writing, as much as I love it, doesn’t happen until the end of my day, late at night, after I have tucked my babies in and they are asleep... which can take a while. On a work week I may write from 9:00 PM – 11:00 PM and on the weekends I may sacrifice some sleep to log in more hours.

Q: What inspired you to be a writer?

A: Hmmm . . . Well, when I went off to college it was to study journalism, and I had big ideas about traveling the world and reporting on wars and humanitarian crises, but I soon realized I had more of a penchant for writing fiction than truth. Then in my freshman English class my professor took the time to write on my paper, “You are a writer. You have a gift.” His words filled me with hope and inspiration and I ended up studying theatre and English literature, dabbling in journalism and instructing writing. I’ve had many amazing writing professors and friends who have nurtured me along the way. Writing is my life and without it a part of me would be empty.

Q: What do you like to read?

A: My most recent loves are the 2014 winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt and Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own. My Romance Writers of America group has introduced me to some great romance, insisting I read the genre I write. Umm, I don’t want to get too many ideas and plagiarize – has been my excuse, but since giving myself permission to take a break, I’ve found reading the genre to be incredibly relaxing – a guilty pleasure – that I haven’t experienced since finding Danielle Steele novels under my sister’s bed.

Q: What are you writing now?

A: I am working on a sequel to Becoming His, which takes place five years later, and I have three other romances in progress – two are BDSM.

Q: What kind of characters do you like to write about?

A: My heroes are always strong, slightly flawed, but powerful alpha men who are able to fight for and protect the heroine who may or may not want to be protected. There is always a sizzle in their coming together and there may be a fetish or two that could be taboo, but is natural for characters.

Q: Where do you get your story inspirations?

A: I have a very active imagination, hence why I write fiction. I’m inspired by the act of being alive and the power of observation, Hemingway’s Five Finger Exercise, and the characters who come alive the more I write about them.

Q: If you could spend your day at a spa, what would you do?

A: I did this once before and didn’t understand the quiet room. That was pre-children. Now, I would sit in the quiet room and write for a few hours, then take a steam shower and have a manicure and pedicure before meeting my family out for dinner, probably Chinese takeout, my daughter’s favorite.

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