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 Angelica Alt was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia. As the daughter of a schoolteacher, she grew up loving reading and writing from an early age. She loves stories about women learning to realize their inner strength and their inner fire, and she believes that every woman, put in the right circumstances, becomes an indomitable seductress. Her interests are diverse—from playing the viola to ballroom dancing to just lazing at home with the Sunday crossword—but there's nothing she likes better than sitting down with a bottle of white wine and her dog Rufus and dreaming up one steamy scene after another.

Q: What inspired you to start writing erotic novels?

A: I've always enjoyed reading erotica and romance novels. As a young woman in college, I would be discussing these very academic topics and dense literature, but was always secretly reading romance novels and erotica on the side. They helped me release steam. As soon as I removed the self-inflicted stigma and realized that smart, strong women could really enjoy erotic novels, I gave myself permission to write this kind of literature for other people. I mean, we mothers and working women are also sexual beings, and I like opening the doors to our erotic fantasies. It's what I love writing the most.

Q: Do you have any idiosyncratic writing habits or rituals?

A: A beverage! When I write in the morning, I don't feel right if I don't have my mug of coffee right there. At night, I like to have a glass of wine, a cup of tea, or some juice next to me. But I always have to have a beverage next to my computer when I write, or I just feel off.

Q: What qualities do you most want your characters to embody?

A: I always want my characters to learn something surprising about themselves over the course of a book. I think it's how we grow, not just as sexually empowered people, but in general, being constantly curious and willing to try new things, to challenge our limitations.

Q: Have you had any real life encounters that have found their way into your book?

A: Haha. No comment! Let's just say that my husband is really inspirational!

Q: What's next? What are you currently working on?

A: I have been on a real fantasy kick in the past year, thinking and writing a lot about magic realms and enchanted forests. I don't want to give too much away, but I'm working on something along those lines with some really sexy angles that I think will speak to a lot of secret fantasies. The next book is going to be really steamy. I know it's been a real turn-on writing it, letting my imagination go into some very hot places!

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