Any Day of the Week

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 14,300
0 Ratings (0.0)

A collection of five erotic stories with varied themes.

The Blue Roman by Cathryn Cooper

At the Blue Roman speakeasy jazz bar, anything goes. Owner Blue is trying to keep in with the law by seeing to it that this cop gets only the best service, whether that’s under the table or up on the stage. It’s amazing just how much a reputation can get you ...

Netsuke by N. Vasco

While looking around a mysterious oriental curios shop, Jim is led by the sultry shop-woman to a section dedicated to erotic figurines and somehow ends up being given one as a gift. While the detailed figure is attractive in the cold light of day, it’s only when he falls asleep that its true beauty reveals itself

Any Day of the Week by Jeremy Edwards

Bernard has been seeing Nadine for three years now, and while he loves her like crazy, during that time it’s been like dating two separate women. At weekends, the sex is mindblowing, but during the week, Nadine refuses to be distracted from her work. Bernard makes it his mission to spice up their weeknights.

Rock Hard by Kristina Wright

Carly has always been a huge fan of rock star Damien; in fact he’s on her “list”. When her husband surprises her with backstage passes to meet her celebrity stud, along with her friend Lydia, she can’t believe her luck. Who knew being a groupie could be this much fun?

The V.I.P. by Phoebe Grafton

On a business trip to New York, Hilary is given the full V.I.P. treatment by the company, which includes chauffeurs, a penthouse at the Waldorf and not one, but two of the hunkiest escorts to see to her every desire. American hospitality doesn’t come any hotter.

These stories have been previously published in Sex and Satisfaction 9781905170777

Any Day of the Week
0 Ratings (0.0)

Any Day of the Week

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 14,300
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Finally, the crowd cleared a bit and Lydia wasted no time in getting close to Damien I was almost jealous when I saw her hand on his arm, running her fingers along his tattoo as she introduced herself. She smiled and held her other hand out to me. ‘Come here, Carly. Damien doesn’t bite.’
Damien gave me a long, slow look that made my toes curl. ‘Unless you want me to.’
‘I’ll let you do anything you like,’ I said.
I couldn’t believe the words came out of my mouth until I saw Lydia’s eyes widen. I laughed. I didn’t know what had come over me, but I blamed the alcohol and excitement of finally meeting Damien in person.
‘Where are you girls staying?’
Lydia told him the name of our hotel and he grinned. ‘Me, too. Let me give you a ride.’
It was like a dream, riding in a limousine with Damien on the way back to our hotel. Lydia and I sat on either side of him and he had an arm around each of us. It should have felt weird since he was a stranger, but I felt like I knew him. He put his hand on my thigh and, instead of pushing him away, I snuggled closer.
I expected him to disappear with his bodyguards and bandmates when we got back to the hotel. Instead, he walked us to the elevator alone and asked what floor we were on.
‘Five,’ Lydia said.
‘I’m on 16, in the penthouse suite. Want to come up?
I shook my head, thinking of Eric in our hotel room waiting for me.
Lydia grabbed my hand. ‘Come on, Carly. Eric told Jeff he didn’t care what happened tonight as long as you had a good time.’
I couldn’t believe Eric wouldn’t care if I had sex with Damien, but I figured he might not mind if I indulged my little fantasy just a bit more. ‘OK.’
Silently we rode the elevator to the sixteenth floor. I expected a wild party to be going on, but the plush suite was silent.
‘The rest of the crew is downstairs,’ Damien said. ‘We have the place to ourselves.’
My heart was hammering my chest and I gave Lydia a panicked look.
Lydia ignored me. ‘Damien, Carly is your biggest fan. She thinks you’re the sexiest man on the planet. Don’t you, Carly?’
I could have killed her. I giggled in embarrassment as we followed Damien ‘Yeah, I think you’re great. We both do.’
I was so intent on not tripping over my own feet that I didn’t realise Damien had led us into the bedroom.
‘Really?’ Smiling, Damien reached out to me. ‘Then I think I need to spend some time with my biggest fans.’
His hand was warm and strong and some of my discomfort faded away as he tugged both Lydia and I down on the king-sized bed. He leaned over and kissed Lydia, a kiss that made Lydia moan softly. She cupped his face in her hand and turned him toward me. I knew I should say no, but I didn’t want to. I wanted him to kiss me.
His mouth was warm and wet and kissing him was everything I thought it would be. I whimpered softly as his tongue probed my mouth and I heard him respond with a deep moan. I heard the rasp of a zipper and felt him shift against me. I pulled back and realised Lydia had slipped to her knees between his legs. She held his erection in her hands and looked up at me.
‘Isn’t it gorgeous, Carly?’
She licked the swollen head softly. ‘Oh, and he tastes so good.’
‘Suck it,’ Damien groaned. ‘Suck my dick.’

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