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Bryce writes LGBT fiction across multiple genres to include Erotica, Horror, Dark Fantasy, and Sci-Fi.

Q: What is your writing process?

A: I will get this idea. Then I take a walk, or a jog, think on it some more. I love outlines, but I it's hard to do one early on. I get confused and alway go off course.

But I have this scene in my mind, it's meant to be the beginning, but sometimes it's the end, or often it's somewhere in the midde. Then I start writing and in this process I get a better idea of my character and what he/she is facing. Most of the time I write non-stop and try to refrain from re-reading chapters as I race to the finish line.

More often than not, I break my rule of not re-reading materials and return to that first chapter where I start tweak and figure out what I want to know about my characters. From there new characters form and a plot solidifies. I jot down the list of characters I have with their individual characteristics and at this point, and before long, I think: "I've written enough... got a better idea. It's time for an outline."

Q: What inspired Merlin's Rogues?

A: I wanted to write a more humorous book on the time of Merlin but I thought I should learn a bit about the Merlin legend before I delve into the 5th and 6th century. So I wrote a modern day tale bringing in characters from Arthurian Legend. I also wanted to write a M/M romance that went into the realm of erotica for spice. So I started writing and I came up with an odd tale that also seemed to work and flow with adventure. Keeping the erotica going though depends on finding some creative underpinning element that demands sexual interactions be involved or the world comes to end, people die, so forth. That's a challenge and fun to discover.

Q: Who is your favorite author?

A: Stephen King is, and I imagine, will always be my favorite author. Before such a thing of YA books existed he included youths in his novels. Perhaps they were more horror than the YA novels of today, but they were great! He had the knack from seeing from the eyes of a ten year old boy, and the uncanny insight to know how to narrate a life of a 16 year old and make you feel you were walking right along through the blunders, humiliations, triumphs and deep-seated jealousy's motivating an action of horror. I can't remember the first King novel I read, but I know the first most impressive was IT, then there was Salem's Lot, Carrie, Firestarter, and Christine. And Firestarter was an imaginary work I believe help popularize stories with paranormal abilities of telekenesis, telepathy, and other psi skills. The novel Body was adapted to the movie, Stand by Me, and my first Stephen King movie I ever saw. A story of teen friends teaming together as they search for a missing teen telling stories of one another giving good laughs, and to add to the suspense they are attacked along the way by a group of bullies. The Eye of the Dragon was the one novel of King's that has ever stood out as quite unique as it takes place in a fantasy world where a prince is wrongly imprisoned.

Q: What is your favorite M/M romance?

A: Only if. I was raised in the 1980s and in Kansas during the pre-internet era. My access to erotica in general was limited, let alone to any kind of gay erotica. Sadly, the only references to gay sexual interactions was blurbs of a guy who had been imprisoned and raped by his fellow cell mate. Or in Gary Jenning's Aztecs, the young man falls for a young 13 year old boy, and similarly, in his novel, The Journeyor, the main character Marco Polo comes across a city in his travels that have boys who are trained to please men. Though Marco Polo tells the boy he's not interested in any sex, he falls in love with the kid and discovers his uncle has taken the boy into his tent at night on several occasions. I can't think of one book during my early teen that had age appropriate partners or consensual sex between people... nope. None come to mind.

And now I've seen more films with M/M romances - Brokeback Mountain, MILK, Boys, and many international films whose names I have unfortunately forgotten.

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