Bite Club (MM)


Heat Rating: Sensual
Word Count: 12,326
0 Ratings (0.0)

Lenni lives on the civilised side of the wall, a hard worker who follows the rules. Super-fit and healthy, with everything he could wish for -- an office, app-friends, and enough medications to suppress the extraneous. Like everyone in his country, Lenni’s safe. So why does the big, handsome guy cry each night? What of his aching heart and empty arms? When supervisor Lion offers a place in Bite Club, why would Lenni jump at the chance to cross the forbidden wall? Fighting? It doesn’t make sense. Maybe that’s the whole point.

Mino lives on the wild side, with untamed hair and oh so gentle hands. He understands a lot -- about the desperate people who sometimes make it over the wall, and of the ancient deal between governments which established the whole façade. It’s got nothing to do with him. Until the day his people force him into the circle to confront the guy from the medicated side. Very soon, everything clever Mino knows becomes as meaningless as dust. Nobody can appreciate what it is to be needed, even loved, until it hits them right between the eyes.

When Lenni and Mino are thrust together in the Bite Club circle, both men are shocked and confused by what happens afterwards and by the raging thirst ignited within them. Is it Bite Club, or snuggle club? In the end, you don’t have to talk about it to understand.

Bite Club (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Bite Club (MM)


Heat Rating: Sensual
Word Count: 12,326
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

This time something’s different. Instead of hatred his face is alive with complex emotion I can’t decipher. His eyes! It’s not anger within, but softness and melting and sadness.

He blinks and winces. “I’m so sorry.” His voice holds layers of meaning and intention I can’t possibly process. Although I understand the words they make no sense.

He’s broken the rules. Once inside the circle, they’re not allowed to speak. Now it’s me gasping, and falling backwards, and trying to get away. “Don’t -- why are you speaking?”

He grabs at my T-shirt and pulls me against his body. “Talk to me? I want to hear. I want you to tell me.”

I shout louder than I’ve ever. “Bite, you fucker! The deal is, you bite!”

I push and so does he. We fall, roll, grab, pull and push.

The crowds cheer, because to them it looks the same as always. It isn’t.

I’m trying to crawl away from those eyes oozing empathy in exhausting waves. The man won’t let go. He drags me back by my feet and throws his body on top of mine.

“Stop it,” I beg. “Just fucking bite me. That’s what we’re here for. Please?”

I hurl him off and get to my feet, but he’s there again and he doesn’t stop. Every time I get away, he drags me back to those eyes. He doesn’t stop.

Finally, I’m beat.

He holds me down with his body on top of mine and looks into me. His eyes hold all the colours of this world: Brown, red, yellow, orange. Green forests and birds, running without shoes and not knowing what’s going to happen next. Sex, laughter, and holding hands. Kissing. Talk. Understanding. Arguments. Making up. Eating together. Sex. Holding. Waking up together. Sex. Life. All the things we don’t have in our perfect, lonely, officed world.

He’s affected, too. Tears leak from his everything-eyes and down his bristled cheeks.

“Bite me,” I beg. “End it.”

He recoils. “Bite you?”

“Bite me. Bite me?”

A tear escapes and drips from his face and onto mine. “I’d rather talk, honey. Who are you? What’s your name? What the fuck has brought you here -- to this? Why?”

Nobody ever asked a question before.

His voice catches on the electric sizzle cradling us both. “I’m Mino. A guy, just like you. I see you. Okay? You’re in pain, honey. I can’t stand to see it! What can I do to help?”

Pain? Is that what it is -- this throbbing, aching, craving mass which emanates from my core and spreads everywhere, and still, there’s more. I want so badly, so much. I’ll want and want, want forever.

I understand what this experience is. It’s not so simple as pain. Instinctively, I rock my body upwards, against his, more aroused than I’ve ever been in my life. At first he frowns like he doesn’t understand, but then he joins the climb. When he rocks back it’s the best thing ever to have happened to me.

The weight of his body against mine -- his cock pushing with mine -- reaching, reaching, is beyond exhilarating.

He gasps into my open mouth. “What are we -- oh God. Honey, we shouldn’t. Oh.”

Warm breath meets mine. It’s a cuddle and hug, a hand-shake and a kiss too. My tongue and his couple and dance.

The experience is beautiful and compelling, and everything. I forget about the watching crowds or Lion, back beyond the wall. All I know about is my cock and the want.

The sizzle of sex catches us both, carries us up, and up. I can’t breathe or talk or do anything but get there. I’m grunting and begging and frantic.

The guy strokes my forehead. “It’s okay. Shh. Easy, easy. This is natural, okay? Is this what you want?”

He doesn’t stop moving. Each time I push, he thrusts back forcefully, moving my body along the ground. He’s as caught as I am, as driven to reach the destination. To come. To climax and embrace the waves of pleasure which take hold of my body and make me open and vulnerable. I want him to spread me open, throw away my clothes, hold me down and then take me.

His body shifts until he’s lying between my legs. “You’re hurt, and alone. I’m sorry. It doesn’t have to be like this. There could be so much more. What do you want, honey?” Gently, he kisses my lips again, and again.

“I want this. Please?”

There’s nothing else to do. I lift up my knees up either side of his body, and howl. I want, and want, and want. Until the last of the poisonous safety of the shield has been destroyed, and then I’ll want more. For the rest of time, I’ll want this, and him, and all the things we don’t have.

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