Miss Havisham Says Yes (FF)


Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 17,475
0 Ratings (0.0)

Kind-hearted redhead Cindi has a lot on her mind: Gran, college exams, bills, and what to wear at the Valentine’s Day student ball. She needs a Cinderella dress, glittery shoes, and a girlfriend to cuddle up with. What a pity fairy tales are only for kids. Aren’t they? All is not lost. It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and the sweetest magic is in the air ... Cindi takes a tumble while mopping the floor and bangs her head. She opens her dizzy eyes to the gift of one magical wish. What will it be?

Tara, the climber. Childhood friend and daughter of Cindi’s employers. Wealthy, lithe, sexy, and thoughtful. Tara’s wish? To climb Mount Everest and to spend time with gorgeous Cindi. She’d love to take her best friend on a date to the college ball -- and then go all the way from blushing student to confident girlfriend, from shy Cinderella to dancing queen. Pumpkin to ... moped.

When two wishes collide, a spark is ignited, powerful enough to tickle anyone’s peak. When everything is laid bare, only one sparkling question remains: Will Miss Havisham say yes?

Miss Havisham Says Yes (FF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Miss Havisham Says Yes (FF)


Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 17,475
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Under Tara’s obvious adoration, Cindi’s body had also become a buzzing hive, filled with demanding sensations and urges which increasingly threatened to overspill.

It wasn’t only physical cravings -- though a yammering heart and a body demanding exposure were powerful forces -- but also the emotional glitter as bright as the Valentine’s Day lights.

When Tara laughed, Cindi experienced her mirth too. It flowed through her body like bubbling champagne. It tickled her ribs and hugged her heart. Made her simmer with happiness.

Tara had spilled into every aspect of her life. From night-time chats with Kylie -- “Told you she fancied you!” -- to cleaning her teeth. Not one second went by without a thought of her new girlfriend.

What was Tara doing?

Did she like Cindi as much as she liked Tara?

When would they do it?


Electricity frizzled. By the time they’d finished the cleaning, every inch of Cindi’s exposed skin sang for attention. Me, me, me! Look at me.

She met Tara’s eyes and hoped she wouldn’t go home yet. “We’ve finished.”

“Finished? Don’t think so, Bind.” Tara calmly took the tea towel, aimed it at a chair, and pulled Cindi in by a bond long ago forged under the stairs at school and alighted anew at the climbing centre.

“Ooh,” Cindi gushed. Having a strong, physically confident girlfriend made her weak with want. She melted against Tara’s firmer body and hoped the petting would go further than last time. Much further.

They kissed for a long time. Cindi had deliberately chosen a loose-fitting shirt and had sneaked off to her bedroom to remove her bra before Tara arrived.

Yesterday, Tara had undone the top buttons. Today, Cindi hoped she’d explore further. She wanted to be plundered. No more holding back or covering up. In her wildest fantasies, she imagined Tara undressing her slowly, one garment at a time.

Tara’s hands against her skin were like nothing Cindi had experienced before or known about. A gentle stroke across her stomach led to an involuntary breathy moan which didn’t sound like her at all. She placed her arms backwards against the counter to enable better access. Without wanting to come across as super-pushy, she craved, and was ready, for anything.

Tara understood. She slipped both hands beneath Cindi’s shirt and -- so slowly Cindi thought she might die -- ran them up her rib cage, round to her back, and repeat. She pushed the leggings further down Cindi’s hips, covering every curve and incline of skin, except for the pulsating parts Cindi most wanted to be explored.

Just below the breasts, Tara stopped and grinned. “No bra?”

“No,” Cindi managed to say. Her breasts wanted to be found, seen, and cherished. Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop.

“Good,” Tara said.

The first time her hands brushed Cindi’s breasts, they both gasped.

“You’re so lovely,” Tara said fiercely. “At this point -- right now -- I want this more than anything in the whole world. Tell me if I do anything wrong.”

With gentle and yet sure movements, she explored and lingered. Long fingers teased Cindi’s nipples -- round and round, across and up to her sensitive collarbone. Cindi’s head fell back from the waves of pleasure that gripped like nothing else.

At some point, she realised she could do the same for Tara and initiated a switch. Kissing and exploring Tara’s body was yet another mind-blowing experience. When her girlfriend lost a little of her normally tight control, Cindi was wetter than she’d ever been. She wanted to be naked, simple as that. Naked, in bed with Tara. With nothing hidden, and everything shared.

“Do you want to stay the night next time?” Cindi asked.

“Yeah,” Tara said with emphasis, pulling on her crash helmet.

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