Reaping What We Sewed (MM)


Heat Rating: Sensual
Word Count: 14,010
0 Ratings (0.0)

Witch Ian O’Donnell and his vampire lover Khnurn have literally waited centuries to really be together, but no matter how many lives they spend trying to make it all work out, in the end it seems things just can’t come together. After moving their wedding from Samhain to Winter Solstice, they are sure they will finally get it right.

Unfortunately for them, a giant New England blizzard is just the start of their troubles. When Ian’s twin Seamus and his partner Mine get lost in the snow storm, Ian and Khnurn wonder if fate might just be sending them a message. If so, can they change what it’s saying?

Reaping What We Sewed (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Reaping What We Sewed (MM)


Heat Rating: Sensual
Word Count: 14,010
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

“Sorry, I forget how fast we move,” Ian said. “We usually try not to move this quickly in front of others, but I’ve come to claim my soon to be husband. He was supposed to join me in bed at least ten minutes ago.”

“No worries. I’m glad you can move like that. I’m sure it comes in handy at times. For now though, you do need rest. If you all think you are tired now, wait until after your wedding. By the time you’ve shaken hands with the entire coven, and spent the evening being doted on by so many people, you are really going to be exhausted. Trust me.” Susanna’s eyes held the stern loving look that often came when she wanted someone to do something for their own good.

“I do,” Ian said, kissing his mother and then his father on the forehead.

“Good, now you and Khnurn use some of that super speed to get yourselves to bed. We appreciate you both cooking for us every morning, but we can make our own breakfast this morning, and for the next few mornings while you enjoy your time as a married couple,” Raferty said.

“Thank you. We’ll do just that,” Khnurn said, and then extended his hand to Ian.

Khnurn laughed as he felt Ian pull him into a superfast run. In seconds they had left the kitchen, raced down the hallway, up the main stairs, and into the upstairs room that belonged to them. Inside, the room was pitch black, but they could both still see. Khnurn remembered how Susanna had insisted on trying several different types of curtains that were supposed to block out the sun, and how she had finally settled on the ones that now shaded the room. Although both Khnurn and Ian could easily see in the dark room, or any dark room for that matter, Ian lighted a red candle next to the bed.

“For ambience as we rest,” Ian explained.

Khnurn took a deep breath, enjoying the smell of the strawberry scent of the candle, but more so enjoying the smell that was intrinsically Ian.

As if reading Khnurn’s thoughts, Ian asked, “Do I always smell the same? In every life?”

Khnurn didn’t have to think about the answer. It’s something he had contemplated many times over the centuries. It was one of those odd little things that only someone in his situation might need to consider.

“There are subtle differences,” Khnurn said, pulling Ian next to him. “Those are mainly due to diet, environment, and which bathing products we’ve used at the time. Most of it though, is all you. Your emotions, hormones, chemical responses, those are always similar. It’s one of the ways I recognize you time after time.”

“I hope it’s not the main way,” Ian said. “Unless of course it’s the most wonderful thing you’ve ever smelled.”

“You are the most wonderful thing I’ve ever smelled, but that intrinsic smell is not the way I have most easily recognized you when we’ve found each other in your various incarnations.”

“So what is it then?” Ian asked.

Khnurn moved slowly down on the bed, bringing Ian with him. When they were both stretched out and facing each other, he pulled Ian’s chin up so that they were directly across from each other. Ian’s eyes appeared to dilate, and whatever walls one might keep up for normal human composure seemed to fall from Ian’s face.

“Nobody looks at me like you do,” Khnurn said.

Ian took a deep breath, and Khnurn could tell that he was processing his words. Ian kissed Khnurn passionately, rolling on top of him as he did so. Khnurn laughed, and squeezed Ian tightly.

“Shall I move?” Ian asked.

“No, stay exactly where you are,” Khnurn said, keeping his arms firmly around Ian.

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