Uncle Phil's Legacy (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 65,148
0 Ratings (0.0)

Jeff Elder is estranged from his parents because he is gay. He moves to live with his uncle and mentor in Lake Polk, Florida. When Uncle Phil dies suddenly, Jeff inherits the house as well as Agatha, Phil's classic Auburn car. In a joke from beyond the grave, Phil also bequeaths his rare and expensive dildo collection to Jeff's uptight parents.

Jeff is pretty much alone in the small town, but through Agatha he manages to make friends. Paul Moretti is a mechanic who regularly services the car, and would like to service Jeff, too. Sam Dudek works at the local family-owned hardware store. He also has a classic car. He and Jeff soon discover cars aren't the only thing they have in common.

Will Sam and Jeff's ride to true love be a smooth one, or will Paul manage to throw a wrench into the works?

Uncle Phil's Legacy (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Uncle Phil's Legacy (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 65,148
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

Both men had burgers, fries, and sides of coleslaw for supper. Jeff had a Sam Adams. Sam said since he was driving he'd have a Miller Lite.

Jeff took the opportunity to find out more about his new friend.

"You grew up in Lake Polk, obviously. Did you go to high school here?"

"Yep. Played varsity baseball, a utility infielder. But wasn't good enough to play in college."

"But you obviously did go to college."

Sam smiled. "How do you know?"

"Oh, something about the way you talk. Where did you go and what did you major in?"

"I went to USF. I really wanted to get out of Florida for a while, but the folks didn't see any need for that. Since they were willing to pick up the tab for USF, that's where I went."

"Smart decision. What about your major?"

Sam raised his eyebrows and shook his head slowly.

"Humanities." He paused for Jeff to say something. When no comment was forthcoming, he continued. "My folks, my dad especially, were dead set against that. But that's what interested me. And one of my profs said you should major in something you love. So I did."

"But ...?"

"But, like Dad said, when I graduated, I couldn't find a job. Nada. So I came home with my tail between my legs and went to work in the store. Which is what the folks wanted me to do all along."

"How do you feel about that now?"

Sam chuckled. "You sound like a shrink."

"Sorry. Just trying to get to know you better."

"Actually, I love it. I love the contact with people. We have a bunch of loyal customers who keep coming back for everything from garage door opener batteries to garden mulch. And they seem so grateful when I explain how to do something."

"Are you mechanical by nature? How'd you learn to do all the stuff you explain to them?"

"I learned it all from Dad. Growing up he explained things to me, handed me tools and made me do it."

"Sounds like a good guy to me."

"Yeah. Sort of. He thinks Nixon was a liberal, though. I can't talk politics with him at all. Mom's not like that. She just sort of keeps quiet and lets him sound off."

He took a swallow of his beer.

"Still, they were both great when I came out to them."


"You're gay?"

"Keep your voice down. I won't deny it when asked, but for the sake of the business I try not to broadcast it."

"Oh, sorry! But your folks were okay with it?"

"I think Mom was disappointed. But Dad surprised me, since he's such a political conservative. He said I should be whatever I was born to be and not to worry about it."

"They aren't religious?"

"They give money to the Catholic Church, but they only go on Christmas and Easter. Father Stefan doesn't know about me, so I don't get hassled and neither do they."


"You don't mind that I'm gay?"

"Why should I?"

"Well, I know your uncle and Buddy were, but you more or less had to accept them since they were family."



"The reason I spent so much time with Phil and Buddy was my folks hated me for being gay. Those guys gave me a safe haven and a pair of role models."

"Oh, well, good. I mean, I didn't want to assume…"

"I understand."

Just then their server came to collect their plates and ask if they wanted dessert.

"I bought something at Publix this morning called Death by Chocolate. Would you like to have some with me?"

"Yeah! I love chocolate. But first let's go take a ride in my baby."

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