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Sex Type Thing
2 ratings
It doesn't look good for one of rock's most famous faces to cause a wreck, especially if he's been drinking. Yet Ian Jeffries does just that, right into another man's car. Musician Tony Simpson isn't amused MORE...
Fast and Easy (MF)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance] When love arrives, it doesn't come quietly. Especially for Carmen Redstone and Donato Genonese, partners in a squad car, lovers at every opportunity. Nothing can MORE...
Submission Island
In a freak Tsunami, Wendy Jacobs loses the person most dear to her in the world, her lover and best friend Kelly Benson. When the cruise ship Pacific Princess is capsized without a trace, eight survivors find MORE...
Fresh Meat
0 ratings
Deep in West Virginia's mining country lies the forgotten town of Wolf Haven, a place full of deep tunnels and dark secrets.  Mechanic Buck Howland decides to have one more go at Miss Christine, the pretty sch MORE...
Once Cuffed
0 ratings
What's the best way to get a Sheriff's Deputy's attention? Speeding naked, of course. Danie has got her man right where she wants him, but the tables turn once cuffed.
Sweet Tooth
0 ratings
Middle-aged Marshall Vincent is less than thrilled when his wife tells him she wants to take a bus tour of Europe. Once on the tour, Marshall, a great candy lover, is thrilled to find what is quite possibly the MORE...


Marie Rochelle (Published by: Phaze Books )
1 ratings
Desire is when you close your eyes, think of what you want...then you can smell it, taste it, and feel it stroking your skin. It's almost better than sex...almost. Communications Specialist Nick Lavery ne MORE...
Teacher's Pet
Ian, divorce and single dad, isn't looking for love. But his son, Randy, thinks it's about time. Randy invites his new teacher Ms. McBain over for dinner. Little does he know she was his dad's high school swee MORE...
A Knight at the Speedway
1 ratings
Professional motorcyclist Khristopher Knight's greatest day comes when he qualifies to race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, until he realizes he has no one with whom to share the moment. Artis Kent has not MORE...
I Can't Drive 55
10 ratings
What would you do to get out of a speeding ticket? When Kyle is pulled over for speeding, he discovers how willing the officer is to settle out of court!
En Garde

En Garde

Will Belegon (Published by: Phaze Books )
0 ratings
John knows certain things are true. He knows he is in good shape for his age. He knows that buying a farm in rural Pennsylvania was good for his writing but bad for his pursuit of excellence with the sword. MORE...
Three on the Prowl (MFM)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Contemporary Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, light bondage]  An eclectic trio, led by Nina and her two devious male cohorts, Seth and Sam, take on one last heist before they give up thei MORE...
The Woman Who Couldn't Say No
Veronica had the most incredible lineage possible for any woman to have, but the real story about her didn't need her legendary ancestor to enhance the amazing woman she already was. She held the secret of her MORE...
Danni's Boy
0 ratings
Danni comes home to find her boyfriend has left her for a man. When her friends take her to a bar to cheer her up, she is instantly attracted to a handsome stranger named Ryan. One night of passion not only hel MORE...
A Baumgartner Reunion
Ronnie (or "Veronica" as Mrs. B always insisted on calling her) is all grown up with a family of her own, and the Christmas she babysat for the Baumgartners is just a pinpoint in her memory. That is, until a MORE...
Location, Location, Location
Mia Adams keeps bumping into her fantasy. Literally. From crashing her car into his to ramming his shopping cart at their local supermarket, each encounter brings her closer to the man she's always dreamed of: MORE...
Stocking Stuffers
0 ratings
Ben Mercer is comfortable with his life in tiny Mabel, Oklahoma. He's got a good job, nice friends, a loving family and a dog who lets him believe he's the boss. Everything that a man could want--almost. Dean C MORE...
Dude Looks Like a Lady
18 ratings
Male model Darien is offered a dream gig: a photo spread with famous rapper Orion. When he arrives at the studio and discovers Orion has mistaken him for a woman, Darien worries how the rapper will react. MORE...
Tied Up With Green
0 ratings
Trea Daniels rules her professional and personal lives with iron shackles. When it comes to sex, she never mixes business and pleasure, and she always calls the shots. Trea believes power offers security in a m MORE...
Man to Man
18 ratings
When lifeguard in training Josh Elliott is assigned to Tanner Cameron during his mentorship program, Josh instantly falls for the tall, handsome guard in the red swimsuit. The only problem is, Tanner is stra MORE...


RaeLynn Blue (Published by: Phaze Books )
2 ratings
For ten years, teacher Harper Perry had attended Parent/Teacher Conferences with dread in her heart and a smile plastered on her face. The last thing she expected was the instant attraction to her most prob MORE...
The Question
5 ratings
What would you do for a friend? What sacrifice would you willingly make? This is the issue facing Gail Henderson when her best friend, Crystal Al Jabbar, asks her to be a surrogate for her and her husband R MORE...
By the Numbers
Shy, inexperienced Nate did not know what to expect from sexy, beautiful Sheila when she offered to introduce him to sex "by the numbers." But how could he turn down a carnal education by the woman of his dream MORE...
Straight Up
0 ratings
The ladies of Vegas share their dirty little secrets in this short but hot collection. This "oral" history explores the intimacies of sex behind closed doors...and on stage.
All My Dreams
0 ratings
When all of Loryn's family was taken from her, she just ran. Fixing up a house in Majorca may sound like a dream to most, but she was only hiding from life. When a movie producer decides her house is perfec MORE...
Deadly Desire
Tina Mackenzie, a dispatcher for the Iosco County Sheriff, suspects her new neighbor is a murderer. She's in love with him and wants desperately to believe he's not, but evidence against him keeps piling MORE...
My Ending
0 ratings
The first rule of nursing is never get involved with your patient. The second rule of nursing is always follow rule number one. Michelle Angelos breaks all the rules when she signs on for hospice patient, Danie MORE...
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