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J. D. Oliver (Published by: CCB Publishing )
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Life in the Territory of Montana before it became a state, was fast and short. Fast because you had better grab onto your future, before it became your past. And those that weren’t fast to defend themselves, th MORE...
Reckless Love
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On Katherine Percy's wedding day, she realizes she has been living the safe life dictated by her parents and the expectations of everyone around her. But the perfection they worship is all a lie, believed by al MORE...
Mirror, Mirror at 1600 D.C.
Under any circumstances, the role of the President of the United States is arduous and replete with challenges. The enduring patriarchy of presidents had ended with first woman elected to this high office in Am MORE...
Mark Of The B*E*A*S*T*
For two hellish months, Mackenzie Bishop has been searching the Florida Everglades for the woman he loves, who was kidnapped by B*E*A*S*T*. He finds her at a hidden compound, but their reunion is not what he'd MORE...
Car Trouble
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Cassidy Callahan uses her tracking talents for good, but sometimes doing a good job has bad consequences. Follow Cassidy through more crazy adventures as she helps Rusty Michaels bring in a serial killer, deals MORE...
Laughter's Echo
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Caitlyn Spencer is a celebrated American archaeologist known for “visioning” the past and finding archaeology sites to be mined almost as if by magic and for having an unusual affinity for and understanding of MORE...
Triple Trouble
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Join Cassidy Callahan in a three part tracking adventure with trouble at every turn. In Part 1, Trouble Time, all Cassidy Callahan wants to do is get her life back on track, but it seems an impossible task whe MORE...
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