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Calling Catie
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Catie considers herself to be a normal young woman, though certainly not an ordinary young woman. She dreams of a Prince Charming sweeping her off her feet one day, but until that day arrives she sees no harm MORE...
Night Watch
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From the moment Lily’s plane lands in tropical Trinidad, things go awry. She planned for rest, relaxation and photography, but instead faces mistaken identity, a gun running operation and danger. Her transporta MORE...
Underneath The Mistletoe
Faith Jenkins has lost her faith in Christmas. Not only did she never celebrate Christmas as a child, but last year, a few days before the holiday, she was dumped by the man she thought was "The One". To save MORE...
Bella and the Doctor
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As the transplant surgeon looks over the chart of the following day’s patient, Bella taps lightly on the door of his home office. He had comforted the young Bella only one week earlier, and things had gone too MORE...
Educating Adrianna
1 ratings
The wild and free spirited Adrianna is unlike most young women of her day, those who are eager to learn the social graces to attract a man of nobility, and she has little interest in learning piano and attendin MORE...
Hot Commodity
2 ratings
Thinking to assure a business merger with the wealthy, successful Cameron Banks, Olivia Donovan’s mother drags her to Las Vegas for a business convention, demanding she meet Banks and seduce him into wanting to MORE...
Hot Rod

Hot Rod

K. Lyn (Published by: Beau to Beau Books )
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The sexiest man, and also the nicest man that Leah has ever known is hers for the night. It has been ten years since they have last seen each other, and those years have definitely been a friend to this gorgeo MORE...
Champagne Tastes
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Beau to Belle Erotic Short Story Beau to Belle (M/F) Series Subdivision of Beau to Beau (M/M) Books Intro: Stacey kisses her husband goodbye whenever he leaves town on a business trip, which for a man of his MORE...
Good Girls
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Stories included in: Good Girls Story 1: All That Glitters Story 2: Molly Story 3: Baby Doll Story 4: Me and Mr. Collins All That Glitters Jade had dreamed of being a wealthy wife one day, and she had done wha MORE...
The Girl in the Picture
Have you ever wondered about the one that got away? Is there someone in your past that you think may have been the one? Hindsight is 20/20, or so the saying goes. This is a bittersweet story of such a love. MORE...
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