Carmie L'Rae

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Carmie L'Rae is an erotic author who has published several books under other names. She has become hard to pin down over the years, relishing her privacy. She has joined the Mnage Amour authors and promises to deliver her steamiest work yet. If you like erotica so hot flames leap from the pages, you'll love Carmie's work. She's debuting with a series titled SAND & SPURS and keeping track of everything over at her blog.  

The following is a rare interview with Carmie L'Rae.

Ms. L'Rae, can you give us a peek into your life? Is there any one thing you try to do daily?

Besides sex? I never miss a chance to watch waves crash while I'm sipping a cool drink.

I've never been to this part of the Caribbean before. Is this where you live?

I get around. (She lifts her margarita and tosses her long, dark hair over her shoulder.) I will tell you this: I prefer palm trees to aspens.

I'm admiring your flirty little dress, but since our readers can't see you, how would you describe your style?

The fewer clothes the better. My favorite accessory is a nice piece of arm candy. (She raises a brow at the hottie seated next to her.) But diamonds never hurt a girl, either.

Have you ever been married?

What happens in Vegas (She waves the rest of the sentence off with a lovely manicured hand.)

SURRENDER THE BOOTY is sure to become a favorite with erotica readers. What do you have planned next at Mnage Amour?

Another book in the Sand & Spurs series. There are too many places on that island left to (She laughs.) explore.

Here's a personal question that will be hard to dodge. What's your sign?

Slippery When Wet is my favorite. Soft Shoulders is a good one too.

You are elusive, aren't you?

(Laughs) Not if you know how to catch me. (Another gorgeous young man approaches the table.)

I forgot my question. (I stare helplessly at the hunk standing less than a foot from my shoulder.)

This is Antonio. He would love to show you the island. (Antonio, the hunk, lowers his burning gaze to mine and flashes me a smile that hits nerves I didn't know I had. I hear chairs moving, but I can't say I really see Ms. L'Rae and her arm candy stand to leave.) The interview's been lovely, she says, but if you'll excuse me, I hate to miss a sunset.

Antonio pulled out the chair next to mine, and I'm not sure I remembered to thank her. Wherever you are, Ms. L'Rae, thank you for the interview. And for Antonio. AaahhhAntonio.

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