Ceri Grenelle

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Ceri has always had an active imagination. This imagination had a tendency of taking over all higher brain functions and forcing her to zone out in the middle of conversations. This effectively caused her to ignore the world around her and live in her highly enjoyable fantasy world, much to her family’s annoyance. She eventually decided it was time to take control of her wild imagination and share her daydreaming adventures with the world by putting her musings on paper.

Ceri is currently living it up in New York City. And by living it up she means staying at home with her cats and obsessively watching episodes of her favorite geeky TV shows. She does this all while simultaneously reading the next book on her ever expanding reading list. Ceri loves sushi, musicals, tattoos, thinks sarcasm should be a national pastime, and would be nowhere without the support of her loving family.

Visit her website at: www.cerigrenelle.com

Q: What was the first thing you ever wrote?

A: A short story about a haunted roller coaster in Coney Island. I was in third grade and I've never written anything better.

Q: Was there a series or book that influenced your love of reading?

A: The first series I was ever a true fan of, that compelled me to sit up all night and just read until I passed out, was the Harry Potter series. I fell in love with characters and stories then and I have never looked back. The imagination is a powerful thing and to share it with the world is quite an adventure.

Q: Can you describe your process?

A: I don't think I have a set process...and my college professors just rolled their eyes at me. I create characters first and then I go on a journey. Some journeys are easier than others, but none of them have failed to excite me. The one thing I am anal about is having a timeline. Can't survive without my timelines.

Q: Erotica is awesome, but do you usually gravitate towards menage?

A: I write what I'm turned on by and I find masculine, bisexual men to be rather stimulating. Writing the dynamics between a blossoming couple can be fun, but seeing a triad evolve and adjust to a relationship most people think is outside a social norm is even more thrilling.

Q: Do you have plans for future books?

A: Yes. I am currently working on a paranormal romance series. I've nearly finished the first installment but the series itself is in the early stages of development and will not be out for quite some time. I can say that it is quirky and dramatic and has just the right amount of sexy times. Yum. I mean, who doesn't love a dominant alpha shifter in their life, hmm?

Q: Favorite TV shows?

A: My taste is eclectic but I'm also a proud geek. I love Doctor Who, Community, Parks and Recreation,Sherlock, Hannibal and Downton Abbey.

Q: What type of music do you listen to when writing?

A: This is tricky because it depends on the scene and the nature of the story itself. I have a playlist that really represents my feelings on love, not all are happy love songs. When I'm editing I tend to listen to instrumental string quartet versions of modern music. Its very difficult for me to write without any music playing so there always needs to be something in the background. During the writing of A Different Kind of Perfect, I listened to Skin and Bones by David J. Roch over and over, for days on end. No seriously, that song ruled my life for a few months.

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