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Christina Watson has always had a passion for romance, whether it be reading or writing it. The passion for writing started in high school where she was a member of a poetry club named Dead Poets Society. She has held various positions and jobs, but the need to put pen to paper has always been there, until one day she sat down and it flowed out of her. She lives in Kentucky with her husband and three boys that keep her busy all day. Even though her passion is for romance, she enjoys time with her family, fishing, camping, cooking, card games, and playing corn hole.

Q: What's your typical day like?

A: A typical day for me starts with coffee in hand and straight to the computer before anyone in the house wakes up for the day. Then there is cleaning, housework, and cooking throughout the day. Spending time with my kids is a joyous thing in itself.

Q: What's the scheduled time for you to write?

A: I try to write in the early morning and late at night. That is the only time I have to actually piece together any random thoughts and ideas. There has been plenty of times I have been found at the computer pounding away at the keyboard to the early morning light.

Q: Are you planning on writing anymore novels or is this the only one?

A: I have started and stopped three other novels thus far. Right now, I am running into what many call writer's block. I seem to get so far into the story then get stuck, but yes, I plan on writing another one and finishing what I have started as well.

Q: Why use the characters you have in this novel?

A: I wanted to use characters that portrayed normal everyday individuals. People that everyone could relate to. Take Ann, she is a single, divorced mother of three boys working at a dead end job that offers no advancements, struggling to make ends meet. Her marriage has left her feeling insecurities not only on the financial side but more so as a woman in general. She longs to meet the one that will be who she needs to make life more. Jake is an accomplished business owner. He is not only down to earth but carries a sexual rawness to him that only makes women lust after him. Due to his previous relationship, he is left looking at things in a different way and believes that being the player is the best choice for him.

Q: If you do write other books, do you think you'll use other states other than Kentucky like you've used in this book?

A: Honestly, I will more than likely use the state of Kentucky. For the simple reason that I am from Kentucky, and it is a beautiful state. I know that sounds biased. I know what the hills and plains look like and the flowers that bloom along with the trees, and that knowledge helps when writing about a particular area. I am a proud Kentuckian.

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