12 Stories from 12 Authors, ranging from very old-fashioned Christmases to more modern tales of love, romance and holiday wishes. The power to believe can work miracles - wishes can come true . . . love heals hearts. A two book set - follow stories from authors Leanne Burroughs and Deborah Macgillivray to the second book Holiday in the Heart. The two books in tradesize paperback make a winning Christmas gift.

Stories also from Amber Dawn Bell, Ann Marie Bradley, Billie Warren Chai, Cheryl Alldredge, Kimberly Ivey, Kimberly Grant, Patty Howell, Rebecca Andrews, Shelli Stevens and Gerri Bowen

Christmas Wishes
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Christmas is a magical time and twelve talented authors answer the question of what happens when CHRISTMAS WISHES come true in this incredible anthology.
CHRISTMAS WISHES shows just how phenomenal a themed anthology can be. Each of these highly skilled authors brings a slightly different perspective to the Christmas theme to create a book that is sure to leave readers satisfied. What a joy to read such splendid stories! This reviewer looks forward to more anthologies by Highland Press as the quality is simply astonishing.

Debbie, CK2S Kwips and Kritiques


If you were to buy one anthology this year of short Christmas stories to settle in on a cold winters night than you won't go wrong by picking up this entertaining compilation of an even dozen featuring some bright and fresh new talent. The stories run the gamut of contemporary to historical and even a bit of time travel but more importantly they're all magical enough to warm the cockles of your heart!

Marilyn Rondeau, RIO - Reviewers International Organization

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Christmas is a magical time and twelve talented authors answer the question of what happens when Christmas Wishes come true in this incredible anthology.

Leanne Burroughs opens up this phenomenal anthology with "Christmas at Home."  World War II has been tough on Allison Monroe and her five year old daughter, Becca. She's lost her husband and is now forced to live on ration coupons. There's never enough money for the extras, like candy and dolls. Things are about to change as Allison meets injured pilot, Ryan Burgess, and both learn to appreciate "Christmas at Home."

Leanne Burroughs weaves an absolutely beautiful story! Her heart warming tale is sure to resonate with readers as she evokes the true spirit of Christmas in this poignant story of two broken souls who heal one another with the miracle of love. Ms. Burroughs has a talent of crafting charming romances that pull at your emotions and this gift is never more evident than in "Christmas at Home."

In "The Christmas Store" by Ann Marie Bradley, Aine Ross makes a very special wish after seeing her marriage hopes shattered. Aine is reluctant to trust in love again but Mr. and Mrs. Claus reassure her that CHRISTMAS WISHES come true at "The Christmas Store" if only she will believe.

Ann Marie Bradley's spectacular skill at creating ambiance is fully demonstrated in "The Christmas Store." Whether the backdrop is a wintry scene with Mr. and Mrs. Clause or the warmth of Hawaii, Ms. Bradley excels at crafting just the right atmosphere to match her particular characters and storyline. Readers will cherish this hauntingly sweet tale. 

"Love's Eternal Hope" by Amber Dawn Bell is the deeply emotional tale of Hope Lacey as she recovers from losing everything in a bitter divorce. A wish upon a Cherokee Christmas ornament, a nunne'hi, transports her back to her true love, Wolf. See what happens in this lyrical tale of "Love's Eternal Hope."

Amber Dawn Bell writes a superb time travel demonstrating how the power of love transcends time. The attraction between Hope and Wolf is instantaneous as the reader is carried back into a different time. The intricate details make this tale come alive and the reader will cheer for Hope as she overcomes the depths of despair caused by her divorce.

Billie Warren Chai shows what happens when Major Sean Spencer commences with "Operation Family." Sean is anxious when he is called to pick up several of his men who are being held at the Sheriff's Office where the lovely Ava Jefferson still works. After all, Ava broke his heart when she refused to quit her job to marry him. When Sean spots the very pregnant Ava, he realizes that things will have to change as "Operation Family" begins.

Billie Warren Chai's tale is sure to touch the hearts of all who read it. The dilemma of whether to be a stay-at-home mother or pursue a career is one so many women face and "Operation Family" vividly portrays Ava's struggle over this issue. Billie Warren Chai has a talent for tackling tough topics and creating beautiful romances out of these difficult situations.

"The Gift of You" by Kimberly Ivey is the heart-warming tale of Liliana Brooks and Jake Delacorte. Abused by life after having a child out of wedlock in the 1970s, Liliana quits her job when her groping boss makes yet more unwanted and lewd advances. Jake is her reluctant rescuer from the evils encountered by a single woman out alone. Will CHRISTMAS WISHES come true for Liliana and Jake?

"The Gift of You" captures the heart of the Christmas spirit. Liliana's devotion to her son, Nicky, shines through as a beacon of hope and provides a startling contrast to the negative attitude of others towards Liliana. This beautifully crafted tale of love against all odds is certain to charm readers during any season.

In "The Patient Gift" by Patty Howell, Lea Novak has allowed grief to numb her heart. Durham North's fortuitous need for a tow truck sends him knocking on Lea's door and a Christmas miracle is about to occur.

"The Patient Gift" is a powerful testament to love overcoming all obstacles, including the dark despair grief can cause. Patty Howell has created a true hero in Durham North as his sensitivity and patience are exactly what Lea needs. And who doesn't need a dog like Basil? Patty Howell is guaranteed to garner some new fans with this enchanting holiday tale.

Cheryl Alldredge's "In Time for Christmas" is a stunning time travel back to when Vikings plundered. Gunnar meets a small boy, Jon, and feels compelled to say a prayer to the Christian God. His prayer for good fortune, and the gift of a box to Beth in the present day, send Beth hurtling back where she and Gunnar find love "In Time for Christmas."

Cheryl Alldredge's heartfelt story brings the time of the Vikings to vivid life. Her incredible gift at encapsulating details and emotions will leave readers yearning for more stories by this talented author. This compelling time travel beautifully juxtaposes the beliefs of the Vikings with those of the Christians to create a fascinating and sensitive portrait of Christmas.

"Once Upon a Snowflake" by Shelli Stevens is a magical tale of how Lilly Rawson's escape from her past sends her crashing into the arms of Logan. Lilly and her four year old son, Ben, are headed to a job Lilly doesn't truly want when she wrecks her car in the snow. Will Lilly take a chance on love this Christmas?

Shelli Stevens' tale of finding hope in an unlikely place is both heartwarming and charming. Ben is an endearing character as he makes exactly the sort of remarks one expects from a four year old. Shelli Stevens has a phenomenal career ahead of her with such beautiful stories as "Once Upon a Snowflake."         

Gerri Bowen's regency era tale, "Joy's Christmas Wishes" is a delightful tale of an 11 year old girl's wish for a new mother. Her dad, Geoffrey, and Lady Emma are attracted to one another. But will it cause a family rift as Geoffrey's brother wants Emma's hand in marriage as well?

"Joy's Christmas Wishes" is a sweet tale emphasizing the true heart of Christmas. Gerri Bowen's elegant prose brings to vivid life the sheer joy of Christmas through the eyes of a child. Joy's unwavering faith that her CHRISTMAS WISHES will come true shines through while the sweet romance between Geoffrey and Emma evokes images from a time long past.

Kimberly Grant's "Miracles and Mistletoe" is the dramatic tale of Marla Anders' fears over her cancer test results as Christmas approaches. Chance Yardley, urges her to keep the faith as he prays for a Christmas miracle regarding her health.

"Miracles and Mistletoe" contains all of the sights and sounds of Christmas in such vivid detail! Kimberly Grant's wonderful imagery of Christmas truly showcases her phenomenal writing talent. Her skill at evoking strong emotions is very apparent as one can feel Marla's deep anguish over the potential test results. What a powerful story!

"The Christmas Wish" by Rebecca Andrews is the poignant story of six year old Kevin O'Connor's wish for a mom. His supermodel mom has died, and his father, Ryan, is stunned when they see Holly St. Nick and she is the spitting image of Kevin's mom. Will "The Christmas Wish" of Kevin come true this year?

Rebecca Andrews has a winner with "The Christmas Wish!" This beautifully written story is sure to leave readers reaching for the Kleenex.  Kevin's firm belief in Santa granting his wish makes this story work as Ms. Andrews does a phenomenal job with character development. This sweet romance is perfect for the holiday season.

"All I Want for Christmas is a HulaHoop . . . and a Mother" by DeborahAnne MacGillivray is the charming tale of Keon Challenger, his daughter Allison, and her ballet teacher, Leslie Seaforth. Allison wants a mother for Christmas and she believes Leslie is the perfect choice for her daddy. Will Leslie and Keon find love in the midst of the holiday blizzard?

Deborah MacGillivray concludes this superb anthology with a sweet but sensual tale. "All I Want for Christmas is a HulaHoop . . . and a Mother" is a splendid blend of humor and romance set against the backdrop of the Christmas season. Readers will enjoy the depth of Ms. MacGillivray's characters while appreciating her quick wit.   Deborah MacGillivray is definitely an author to keep an eye on as she writes a fantastic story, no matter what the setting may be!

CHRISTMAS WISHES shows just how phenomenal a themed anthology can be.  Each of these highly skilled authors brings a slightly different perspective to the Christmas theme to create a book that is sure to leave readers satisfied. What a joy to read such splendid stories! This reviewer looks forward to more anthologies by Highland Press Publishing as the quality is simply astonishing.

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