Cindy Crane

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     I have two grown up sons and live with my husband in South Yorkshire, England, with the beautiful Derbyshire Peak District on one doorstep and the lovely Yorkshire Dales and Moors within easy reach of the other.
     I have been beset by a vivid imagination for as long as I can remember; a trait picked up from my mother who used to tell stories 'from her head' while I sat at her knee. Even as a child I'd be penning tales and comics for friends and siblings.
     When not writing, I'm researching family history, travelling or supporting my local football team. But I also leave time to meet regularly with friends for lunch and walks; for girlie chats and putting the world to rights.

Q: Where do you get your ideas?

A: As a serial daydreamer with a vivid imagination from a very early age, the spark can be a simple as an object, a scene or even a phrase that sets off a chain reaction of thoughts.

Q: How do you choose your characters?

A: Feisty, successful women and tall, good-looking guys play straight into my fantasies. But I like them to be flawed some way too maybe emotionally. Dealing with these flaws or fears may be part of the developing storyline.

Q: What happens if you get a block or an idea won't come together?

A: I walk away from it for a while. Get my big cushions on my garden swing (in the summer that is). Plug my iPod into my ears and listen to some music while the ideas bubble and stew. If I haven't worked it out after that, at least I've had some chill out time. Or even a snooze!

Q: What sort of books do you read?

A: I like to read most genres: thrillers, horror, historical as well as romance.

Q: What does your husband think of your stories and does he read them too?

A: He's always encouraged my hobby and regularly reads through my ideas, offering suggestions and corrections.

Q: Do you like to eat out?

A: Yes. I meet friends regularly for lunch and a gossip. And you can't beat eating out, literally, in France; sitting outside a restaurant, overlooking the sea, and eating moules mariniere followed by crepes. Yum!

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