Cinzia Maro was born and lives in Italy. She has been a painter, tattoo artist, and designer, but writing is the only thing able to appease her restless mind. She writes all day. When she's not writing, her head is in the clouds, thinking about what she is going to write.

 She doesn't have a permanent place to live, and she travels around with a small bag, her laptop, and her camera. She loves to be free, although she frequently dreams about a place to call home. Perhaps the most bizarre thing about her is that she ends up resembling the main character of the story she is writing. So each story adds a new piece inside of her.

Q: You are Italian. Why do you write in English?

A: Sometimes I say the reason is the lack of opportunities in my country. But the real reason is the challenge.

 I have always read books in English, but writing in English is not the same thing. I never thought I could do it. If someone had told me a year ago, I would have laughed. This is a great milestone in the path of my life.

 I do write in Italian as well, mostly horror and dark fantasy stories, but generally they ask me to cut sex scenes, or change the gender of one of the characters…

Q: Why do you write?

A: Probably because reality does not satisfy me enough.

Q: What kind of character do you prefer?

A: I have a weakness for a kind of rough character, hard, hurt, and betrayed, but ready to open up again to love. I think I'm this way, too.

Q: Do you believe in happily ever afters?

A: I strongly believe in them. Writing, I’m trying to create a new reality where a happy ending is always possible. Unfortunately, I have traveled so much, and I have known so many people without finding real love. I console myself thinking that if I had found it, I wouldn’t feel the need to write about it so badly.

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