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I love to read, always have. There have been times when I’ve been reading several books at once and so caught up in them that when I finished one, I’d find myself wondering what some of the characters were up to that day. So, when a time came that I had an hour commute each way to get to and from work, my eyes just did not cooperate when I settled down each night and opened my book. Three months later, only one page further into that book, I discovered books on tape. Hooray! I’d found a way back to my worlds of fantasy. Eventually, I discovered that romance novels ain’t what they used to be and, thanks to the almighty internet, there was a whole new world of erotic romance out there. I think because I read so many of them, they started to spill over and my own ideas just clambered to get out. So, here I am. 

I live just outside Philadelphia with my husband, two humongous dogs and a cat who thinks she’s a dog, too.  

I don’t think I’d be able to decide between curling up under Grandma’s afghan with a cup of hot chocolate to read a book or sitting on the beach with my toes digging in the sand to read a book as my favorite way to spend a day.

Q:  Why did you start writing? 

A:  I’d been reading lots of erotic romance and found myself starting to think about what might have “floated my boat” a bit more after reading a particularly hot scene or what characteristics would have made a particular hero more irresistible to me.  One night, unable to sleep, I started to write ideas down and eventually worked them into a book. 


Q:  Do you have a specific routine for writing? 

A:  I tend to write late at night when everyone else is in bed. 


Q:  Where do you get your story ideas? 

A:  Some ideas are my heart’s desire (smile), some are based on experience and some are completely invented for the story. 


Q:  What’s your favorite book? 

A:  Since the first time I read it, my favorite book has always been To Kill a Mockingbird and Atticus Finch is my favorite hero. 


Q:  What’s the hardest thing about writing? 

A:  It makes me crazy when I can’t manage to get something to read the way I intend it, when I have to struggle to convey the emotions accurately.  But the absolute worst is just staring at the blinking cursor on the plain white page. 


Q:  What’s the best thing about writing? 

A:  Creating a world I would love to visit. 


Q:  Do you get attached to your characters? 

A:  Oh, totally!  I’m so in love with a couple of my heroes I feel a little bad for my husband sometimes.  He reaps the benefits though!  I also start to identify with the heroines or they become like best friends to me.  I always miss all of them when I finish a book. I think I went on to write a series just so I could revisit my old friends. 


Q:  What do you think of books that are made into movies?

A:  When I find out a book I’ve read has been made into a movie, I absolutely have to see it.  Unfortunately, almost every time, I’m completely disappointed.  There’s just no way to do a good book justice in a couple of hours.  But, being an eternal optimist, I keep going, just hoping the next one will be different. 


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