Cruise with Me

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Sweet
Word Count: 27,986
0 Ratings (0.0)

Lawyer Sasha Carson is reluctantly on a cruise with her best friend. She hates being on a floating city with no land in sight. The last thing she expects to find is Manuel Alfonso. When she meets him at the elevator, she can barely control herself, but knows Manuel is the kind of man who can break her heart, body and soul.

Manuel Alfonso is on the cruise with his little brother to get away from home and his responsibilities. When he sees Sasha, he wants her. He knows Sasha feels something for him, too, but there’s something in her fighting their attraction. To make matters worse, he has a secret that threatens to end their little love games before it gets good.

What will it take for Sasha to let Manuel in, and to let love reign?

Cruise with Me
0 Ratings (0.0)

Cruise with Me

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Sweet
Word Count: 27,986
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Martine Jardin

It was another mad dash from their room to the elevator. The moment they were rushing from the room, Sasha suddenly needed the restroom. She frowned, standing behind Anna who was busy jabbing her finger into the button. She mentally scowled at her bladder for she was just about to break out in a rather poor rendition of the pee-pee dance.

“You know, that will not make it come any faster,” a voice spoke from behind them.

It was a cool, masculine sound that had Sasha shivering. There was a slight accent—one that made Sasha wanted to turn and leap into the arms of the man who possessed it. Both women spun to see who it was.

Hubba! Hubba! They do not make them like him in Cornwall at all.

Sasha couldn’t help the fact that her eyes bulged a bit.

“My apologies, ladies.” He bowed his head slightly. “I did not mean to startle you.”

“Oh! Not a problem,” Anna replied only to turn and tap the button again.

“I take it you do not want to miss our departure?”

“No, she has this idea of a movie-esque going away,” Sasha managed with a flip of her wrist. She lifted her chin proudly when her voice didn’t crack. She wanted to put on a strong attitude, but inside, she was grinning and flailing like a horny teenager.

“Ah yes. The waving, the throwing of confetti, the yells of bon voyage—it is the best part of the cruise, no?” he asked with a dazzling smile.

Sasha inhaled, pressing her lips into a thin line. It was either that or moan in desperate heat. She turned and jabbed her finger into the button. “I wouldn’t say the best part—”

“Of course!” Anna interrupted. “Then you can say to your friends later when you’re watching one of those movies, I did that!

Sasha fought the urge to roll her eyes. Instead, she reached out and tapped the button.

Finally, the elevator arrived. “After you, ladies,” the man motioned.

They stepped in and the door slid shut silently. It was a quiet ride down and Sasha made good use of the moment. She eyed their companion as he stared ahead with his arms folded behind his back. He was dressed in a rather ravishing pinstripe suit, but no tie. A shame really, for Sasha could see herself grabbing it and leading him into the bedroom only to shove him to the bed just to have her way with him.

She bit her lower lip to stop her runaway thoughts and refocused.

The top two buttons of his shirt were undone as well as the jacket buttons. From that small opening, she saw the beginnings of what had to be a muscular chest curved upward into a strong neck. He had a perfect cleft chin, lush lips with carved cheekbones. His eyes were a kind of blue she’d never seen before on a man. It reminded her of the clear blue waters of the Caribbean Ocean. He had long, black hair, tied back neatly with a hair tie.

A jab to her side by Anna, Sasha tore her eyes from him to see the door was open. Once again, he allowed them out ahead of him.

“Until next time, ladies,” he spoke and walked off in the opposite direction they were going.

A pang of disappointment surged through Sasha and she fought the look of forlorn she was feeling at his departure. She realised she wasn’t breathing. She pushed the air out and gripped Anna’s hand.

“What’d I tell you?” Anna beamed obviously quite proud of herself. She turned and stared greedily at a handsome man walking by. “Woof!” she barked.

The man laughed and continued on.

Sasha gasped, grabbing Anna’s hand and tugging her. “Stop it! You’re not even drunk! I can’t take you anywhere.”

“Wait, I thought I was the one who took you here.” Anna giggled.

Sasha shook her head in frustration. “You’re incorrigible. Come on.”

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