D. B. Reynolds

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D. B. Reynolds lives with her husband of many years in a flammable canyon year Los Angeles. When she's not writing her own books, she can frequently be found reading someone else's.

Q. Do the werewolves in your stories stick closely to the traditional idea of werewolves or will you add your own touch to the mythology?

A. They’re a little of both. My wolves are long-lived with far superior reflexes and senses than that of a regular human, and they are driven to change on the night of the full moon. But they’re born not made, so being bitten by one will have no effect, other than a nasty bite.

Q. Will this be a continuing series? And if so, will each story stand alone?

A. I’d love for this to be a continuing series, always assuming the editorial gods agree. And, as I see the series now, each story is a stand-alone, tied together by characters and places.

Q. Are there female werewolves in your universe? If so, what role do they play in the pack?

A. There are definitely female werewolves. Generally, because the females are weaker than the males in terms of size and physical strength, the pack Alphas are male. In their human guise, however, the females can be just as aggressive, tough and ambitious as the males.

Q. What led you to write paranormal fiction?

A. The simple answer is because I love reading it. I’ve been reading Science Fiction and Fantasy since I was in high school and loved it when the fields of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance took off and produced such wonderful stories.

Q. What research if any, do you do before writing?

A. I actually do quite a bit of research both before and while I’m writing. It’s important to me that the world my characters inhabit be as realistic as possible, that I get the details right, whether it’s landmarks or weather or what time the sun sets. And then there are things like guns and private jets and how long it takes to get from one place to another, just to name a few.  In addition, I frequently do historical flashbacks, and I always try to place my characters in a historically accurate time and place. 

Q. If the market for werewolves and vampires completely dried up, what other types of stories would you work on instead?

A. Mystery and suspense. I’m a big fan of romantic suspense and straightforward mystery/thrillers by the greats like John Sandford and Scott Turow.

Q. What genre do YOU think your books belong to?

A. I consider them to be Urban Fantasy, but there’s a strong romantic aspect to my books, with an emphasis on the central relationship, so they could easily be considered Paranormal Romance, as well.

Q. Do your characters press you to write more about them and keep you from sleeping?

A. I love each and every one of my characters, but it’s the story that drives me. I want to know what happens next.

Q. If you could be included in an anthology with four other authors, who would you want them to be?

A. There are so many wonderful authors out there, but if I could choose only four ...  Adrian Phoenix, Kresley Cole, Kelley Armstrong and Charlaine Harris. What an honor it would be!

Q. Where is your favorite place to write and why? Do you do your best work mornings or evenings?

A. I have a very nice home office, with an excellent desktop computer, but I do most of my writing on my laptop, and mostly on my living room couch because it’s just more comfortable. And I’m a definite night owl, staying up until 4:00/4:30 in the morning when I’m deep into the story.

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