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Dale was brought up in Port Severn, Ontario in the Georgian Bay area. The area was and still is barely a dot on the map and did not have the conveniences like a big city. One thing lacking was television stations. With only one station you had to learn to read early in life to ward off boredom. Her mother, an avid reader of a good romance, passed on to her the love of good books. Many years later and now living close to the city of Toronto, with all kinds of TV stations that still have nothing on, she still spends her time reading (when not working at her other day job) and has accumulated a huge collection of paperback books. The best thing for her was when e-books came on the market, now her Kindle stores the numerous books she reads each week. Married with one daughter who also writes in this genre under the pen name Jade Belfrey, she lives with her husband and two very spoiled chihuahuas.

Visit her website at: http://www.dalecadeau.com

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Q: What is your current project

A: My current project is Angel’s story (no title yet). He is a Native American and also from the same army unit and firm, Braden Security.

Q: Who is your sounding board when plotting out a new book

A: The sounding boards in my life are my husband and my daughter who also had her first book published by Siren and was out 2 days before mine.

Q: What lessons did writing your first book teach you?

A: To write whatever you like to read and don’t second guess yourself or worry about gaining an audience.

Q: What kind of books capture your attention?

A: Any books from the following authors - Cara Covington, Heather Rainier, Sophie Oak, Tara Rose - the list could go on and on. These authors write books where the characters leap off the page at you. I buy them as soon as they are released.

Q: What’s it like having a daughter who is also a published author? (Her daughter writes under the pen name Jade Belfry)

A: It’s certainly been different. It’s a good thing we can discuss anything, because our subject material is sometimes very edgy when we are discussing new plots or some of the current books we are reading. We usually have these discussions in a restaurant over lunch and have to make sure no one overhears our frank subject mater. Although our writing styles are pretty distinct from each other, I always enjoy her books. I’m very proud of what she’s worked to accomplish.

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