Denise Belinda McDonald

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Denise Belinda McDonald started her writing career at the tender age of eight. Her stories have changed over the years, but not her love for telling tales. An overactive imagination and a propensity to embellish have kept her sexy contemporary love stories rich with lovable characters and interesting twists set smack-dab in the middle of cowboy country. Throw in a little butt-kicking and a lot of action and you will immerse yourself so deeply in her community of characters you’ll expect to be present and accounted for at the next town function.

Denise lives in Texas with her husband, four boys and two dogs where she juggles her time between writing, carpool, Cub Scouts, sports galore and a multitude of crafts.

Q. How did you get started with your writing?

A. I started writing when I was single digits old. The first full-length piece I wrote was a sequel to Disney’s Sleepy Hollow. Then again after seeing a scary movie, I wrote what happened “after the bad guy got caught”. When I was pregnant with #4 boy child I wrote my first two romance manuscripts to keep from going stir-crazy and the rest, as they say, … is on Amazon.


Q. What/who is your biggest muse?

A. My biggest muse, hmm, good question. I don’t want to sound strange and say all those dern voices in my head. Writers understand this but other folks… look at you really strange and slowly edge away with a polite smile while trying not to make too much eye contact. But alas it is the voices. They constantly barrage me to get them down on paper.


Q. What do you like to do in your free time other than write?

A. Free time? Not familiar… (If I had free time I would love to take classes. Any kind of classes from dance to languages to cooking to… just about anything.)


Q. Where is your writing sanctuary?

A. I have my “office” which is really the dining room transformed with my desk, bookcases (4 of them), a filing cabinet and all the trappings—but often times I will just take my Alphasmart and MP3 player somewhere and just write (so much less distractions). My ultimate writing sanctuary would be something with four walls.


Q. What is your favorite movie? Favorite guilty pleasure movie?

A. Can they be one in the same? Well, I will pick two. Favorite movie: Pride and Prejudice (with Colin Firth—yum). Favorite guilty pleasure movie: Grease 2… I have seen it a billion times.


Q. Many of your books have cowboys, what’s the appeal?

A. Boots, spurs, manners… and sexy as all get out, what’s more to say?!

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