Denise Hereford

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Denise Hereford currently lives with her family in New England, where the winters are cold and the abundant snow makes the warm indoors an inviting place to write. She enjoys watching her beloved rescue dog jump around in the snow without a care in the world. She finds writing to be a catharsis away from the hustle of life. An avid reader of romance novels, especially historical romance, she still believes in chivalry. Besides writing, her hobbies include baking to satisfy her sweet tooth, camping in the woods to fulfill her wanderlust, and playing classical music on the piano. She also likes hunting for treasures at flea markets and learning about antiques.

Q: What is your writing day like?

A: I work my online day job early in the mornings, write mid-day while my child is at school, and then revise my writing at night after he goes to sleep. Honestly, I do not do this every day. Sometimes I write late at night if I get busy during the day or have a marathon moment on the weekends. I brainstorm and jot down ideas at places like the library, laundromat, and car shop.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration for your writings?

A: I get inspired from history and from observing people. I like hearing about how people met and what circumstances brought them and kept them together.

Q: Who is your favorite writer?

A: Anne Stuart. I love her writing style and dark romances, in particular.

Q: What is your favorite book ever?

A: Kathleen Winsor's Forever Amber. Her research and details place readers right into the Restoration. I like how her book was risqué for its time, but it unfolded a realistic story that did not necessarily have a HEA ending. In hindsight, it made me yearn and squeal for a sequel when I first read it and even years later. I hope they someday make a 21st century movie adaption of this amazing triumph, the thickest book I have ever read yet fastest page turner I have ever owned.

Q: What is a common motif of stories you like to read and write about?

A: Chivalry is quintessential!

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