All her life, Diana Bold has wanted to a writer. Her sister claims that even as a child, all she ever did was sit in her closet and scribble in a notebook. Now, she concedes the scribbling part, but not the closet part!

In any event, she won her first writing contest when she was seven, and she was hooked!

She married young, and soon had three wonderful little boys running around the house, so writing took a backseat for several years as she worked a variety of jobs that she hated. Once she started seriously pursuing a writing career, she found it was not as easy as she had expected, and she was not the prodigy she had imagined. But she joined a writer's group, and made a ton of writing friends along the way who showed her the error of her ways and unselfishly helped her get a little better.

By the time she sold her first book in 2006, she’d already been at this for over ten years and was about ready to give up. Rejection is hard!!! But holding that first book in her hands made it all worth it!

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Q: What does a typical writing day look like?

A: I try to start every day with a mile-long walk, where I think about the scenes I'm going to try and write that day. When I get home, I pull up my WIP and read over what I wrote the day before. Then I try to write at least 1000 new words. Some days it's easy, and the words flow, and I keep going. Some days, every word is painful, and I stop mid-sentence as soon as I reach that thousandth word.

Q: Are you a plotter or a pantser?

A: A, Definitely a pantser. In fact, I cowrote an article about that with my friend Renee Ryan, who is a plotter. I wish I could start out with a lovely, detailed plot, but that just isn't the way my brain works. Stories come to me very organically. If I try to pin them down, they wiggle away. So I just start writing and see where it goes.

Q: What is your least favorite part of the publishing process?

A: Anything that has to do with marketing. Like most authors, I am an introvert, and anything that involves having to come out of my cave is a bit distressing!

Q: What authors have inspired you?

A: The very first historical romance I remember reading was by Brenda Joyce. It was a western romance, and just a few pages in, I was hooked. For the first time, I thought, "I could write something like this!" I started reading lots of Jude Devereaux and Kathleen Woodiweiss. Later on, I was absolutely blown away by Laura Kinsale. Lately, my favorite authors are Elizabeth Hoyt and Joanna Bourne.

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