Dipping His Pen in the Office Ink (MM)

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 12,985
14 Ratings (4.1)

Who knew accounting could be so dangerous...

Quinn is being stalked by his ex-boyfriend and losing his eyesight because of a genetic disorder. He thought living on the moon would keep him safe and a new accounting job boring enough not to draw attention. It was a great plan until he meets his sexy, bear boss.

Lyon is actually a bear shifter. He likes his new employee Quinn too much. Lyon breaks all his rules with Quinn but some crazy stalker shows up and almost kills them.

Now, he must protect the human that has grabbed both his heart and his balls.

Be Warned: m/m sex, rimming, BDSM

Dipping His Pen in the Office Ink (MM)
14 Ratings (4.1)

Dipping His Pen in the Office Ink (MM)

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 12,985
14 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Sour Cherry Designs
Quinn was on the moon. Literally. Witness protection had placed him there to get him away from his psycho ex Sean who had murdered his boss on Earth over a fit of jealousy.
Quinn just wants to start his life over and try to figure out some way to combat the degenerative eye disease that is taking his sight. He is in for a surprise when he meets his boss Lyon. Holy sex on a stick! The moon may not be so bad after all!
When he finds out Lyon is a bear shifter and his mate, well things get a little harried from there. (Did you like what I did with that? Harried...)
James Cox is one of my favorite authors for his amazing stories and lines that stick out during the story. Here are a cpl:
Well, lick my d**k!
"So if I say...suck your c**k and swallow your load, no fur is going to sprout on my ass?"
Absolutely adore the hell out of this author! All his books are a must read!!!
Shirley W.

“I love this.” He was staring down, watching me. Then he pulled his hand back and slapped my cock. Actually fucking slapped it. And I liked it. I let out a soft groan. The pain was subtle, slight, and it only infused with my growing lust. Lyon wrapped his hands around my girth, stroking my shaft like an enthusiastic lover. My breathing was getting heavier. I could feel the orgasm revving up.

Lyon straddled me. His knees were on either side of my face. My arms were caught between his thighs and calves. My cock gave a drop of pre-cum. Oh, I think I liked Lyon’s domination a little too much. His gorgeous cock was before my face, his balls hanging low so they almost touched my chin. “Are you a good boy, Quinn?”

Did he want me to be?

“Lick me. Slowly.”

The shudder that ran up my body was pure exhilaration. I opened my lips and stuck out my tongue. A wave of warmth and slightly salty skin flooded my taste buds. I was pressing my tongue along his ball sac, taking my time. Enjoying my first taste of Lyon. I took some skin into my mouth and sucked.

Lyon leaned back and gave my dick another slap. Not hard but enough to sting. The combined pain and pleasure made my hips thrust. “Did I say to suck?”

“No, Sir.” Okay, I liked the sir thing. I had from the moment I met my boss.

Lyon smiled, his beard and the shadows from the light made it look almost demonic. “Good. Now lick.”

I started again, licking at his balls as my hands flexed. They were starting to tingle from lack of circulation when Lyon bent over my head. His heavy cock hung just above my face.

“Now you can suck.”

Oh, fuck. Who knew I’d love being such a submissive? Fucking news to me. I opened my mouth and sucked at his foreskin. Lyon groaned and I dipped my tongue in the fleshy folds. The strong flavor of Lyon made me moan.

“In your mouth.” He was staring at me all intense and determined. “Take me inside. One inch at a time.”

Although my hands were free, I kept them at my sides and squeezed them into fists. His cock tip shifted into my mouth. Then another inch. I relaxed my throat, took a deep breath, and waited for Lyon to block my air.

“Do not move.”

He went further, my lips felt stretched from his girth. My teeth scrapped ever so slightly along his length. Then he thrust hard and was completely in. My oxygen was gone. I held my breath, my nose tickled by his pubic hair. I swallowed, loving the way he groaned.

“Ten seconds.”

I closed my eyes, focused on holding my breath.


Easy does it. I opened my eyes to watch him, but he was staring at me.

“Eight.” He thrust a little.

Damn it, he was counting too slowly.


I felt my lungs start to burn.

“Six.” The muscles in his thighs flexed. “Only five more, Quinn.”

I closed my eyes again.

“Four. Look at me, Quinn!”

I did and fought all my urges to retch.

“Three more.”

I felt Lyon’s cock flex in my mouth.


Oh, God. I needed to breathe.


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