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Elena Kincaid is an award winning author. She writes Erotic Paranormal and Contemporary Romances. She developed a passion for reading and writing at an early age and loves to write what she loves to read and that is usually romance with a paranormal twist. Her desk is constantly cluttered with journals, sticky notes, and torn out pieces of paper full of ideas.

She was born in Ukraine and raised in New York, where she currently lives with her daughter. She graduated college with a BFA in creative writing and in addition to writing, she also started a graphic design business a few years after graduating. When not working, Elena loves to spend time with her family, travel the globe, curl up with a good book, and catch up on her soaps.

Visit her website at: www.elenakincaid.com

Email her at: [email protected]

Q: When did you first start writing?

A: I started writing when I learned how to write, but even before I learned how to write my stories down, I would share them with others or just enjoy and develop them for myself.

Q: What inspires you to write?

A: Anything and everything inspires me to write. I could either be watching television, listening to music, reading or I could be in the middle of a conversation with someone when an idea strikes. I particularly feel creative when it rains or when I am in the shower. The sound of the running water is very soothing and my imagination tends to take right over.

Q: What is your writing process like?

A: The general idea has to hit me first and then I work out several scenarios until I feel the story come to life. I’m a romantic at heart, so it’s usually, as they say in Hollywood, the “meet-cute” or what leads up to it that I think of first. I then work on really developing the characters and bringing them to life. I am usually writing paranormal romance, so the mythology would come next and then the conflict and resolution.

Q: Do you do any research?

A: Absolutely. I do some of it beforehand and the rest along the way as needed. I especially love to research existing mythology and then put my own spin on it. I think that the best advice for a writer would be to write about what you know and research the heck out of something you don’t.

Q: What time of the day do you get most inspired?

A: I am a night owl, so I definitely am most inspired at night. The house is quiet, I am wide awake, the phone has stopped ringing, and everything that had to be done for the day has been done, leaving my brain less cluttered.

Q: How do you handle writers block?

A: I get writers block if there is too much going on in my life or if I am stressed about something. I can’t force myself to write. So if it’s just not happening, I need to leave it alone for a while. When I am ready to write again, I go back and re-read the last couple of chapters to get myself back in the right frame of mind.

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