Em Ashcroft

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Em is everywhere. She may be watching you right now!

Em Ashcroft is a woman with myriad lovers and a ton of stories to tell. She is waited on hand and foot by her assistants. She lives on chocolate and champagne, flies first class all over the world, and dresses only from the best designers – when she dresses at all!

Em is creativity personified. She loves history, art, and naughty, naughty sex. Sinful, beautiful and irresistible, she is everything she wants to be.

Em has this thing about history. She spends a lot of time visiting old houses and old cities, and taking a bunch of photos. She uses all these in her books, and can’t stop researching. It’s an addiction, but not one that she regrets. She also loves travel, but she does that as much in her head as she does for real.

Then she gets up from her desk and she becomes someone else entirely.

Visit her website at: http://emashcroft.com

Email her at: [email protected]

Q: What is your writing day like?

A: Frantic. I dream about my characters and then I get up and write about them. I believe that somewhere in the universe there they are, living, breathing and loving. I write until I can’t write any more. Then I go to bed.

Q: Why do you write historicals?

A: Because I love history. And because I wanted to show that there wasn’t that much difference between people then and people now.

Q: What advice would you give to new writers?

A: Keep going. Don’t give up. The only writers who are never published are the ones that give up. And finish one book before you start another!

Q: Do you read much?

A: When I’m not writing, I’m also reading. Romance, of course?

Q: Have you had any experiences like the ones you describe in your books?

A: Some. They say write about what you know!

Q: What luxury could you not live without?

A: Champagne and coffee! Not at the same time!

Q: What’s your favourite food?

A: Real vanilla ice-cream. The real thing is just unbelievably good.

Q: Who do you base your heroes on?

A: It’s a mixture, never just one person. A man with the looks of Idris Elba, the humor and compassion of David Beckham and the voice of Patrick Stewart wouldn’t be a bad start!

Q: What’s next for Em?

A: Shapeshifting eagles! I’m writing a new series of paranormals, set in the present day. And then, who knows? It could be more Madame Joly books. I don’t think that lady has finished with me yet!

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